"Pedir" vs. "Preguntar" in Spanish

Quick Answer

In Spanish, there are two verbs commonly used to say to ask:

  • pedir
  • preguntar

There are important differences between these two verbs in terms of context, and they're not interchangeable. Let's learn a bit more about each one!


Pedir is used to request an object, service, favor, etc.

Manuel me pidió que le cuidara a su hijo mientras estaba de vacaciones.
Manuel asked me if I could take care of his son while he was on vacation.
Le pido ayuda.
I am asking him for help.
Pide más queso para su burrito.
He asks for more cheese for his burrito.
Me pidió mi identificación.
He asked me for my identification.


Preguntar is used to ask for information.

Me preguntaron si te conocía.
They asked me if I knew you.
Tengo que preguntar a qué hora sirven el almuerzo.
I need to ask what time they serve lunch.
La enfermera preguntó cómo me llamaba.
The nurse asked me what my name was.
Daniel preguntó por mi esposo.
Daniel asked me about my husband.