Nosotros Commands

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Nosotros commands are used by a speaker to suggest an action be performed by a group of people he or she belongs to.

There are two ways to form nosotros commands in Spanish:

1. Subjunctive Form Commands

The subjunctive form for the nosotros command is most commonly used in informal speech among friends. To form the nosotros subjunctive command, simply use the nosotros form of the present subjunctive.

Trabajemos juntos.
Let’s work together.
Comamos aquí.
Let’s eat here.
Leamos los periódicos.
Let’s read the newspapers.
Vamos al restaurante.
Let’s go to the restaurant.

The present indicative form of the verb ir is used instead of the present subjunctive for affirmative commands.

2. Vamos + Infinitive

For this common command form, simply use vamos plus a plus any infinitive verb.

Vamos a ir a la playa.
Let’s go to the beach.
¡Vamos a divertirnos!
Let’s have some fun!
Vamos a nadar.
Let’s go swim.

Negative Nosotros Commands

For negative nosotros commands, you simply add a no or another negative word to the front of the affirmative command.

No nademos.
Let’s not swim.
No salgamos.
Let’s not leave.
Nunca vayamos allí.
Let’s never go there.

You do use the present subjunctive form of the verb ir for negative commands.

Pronoun Placement and Nosotros Commands

When attaching a pronoun to the end of a nosotros command, follow the steps below.

Affirmative Commands and Pronoun Placement

Subjunctive Command Form

  • Drop the final s on the verb.
  • Attach the pronoun to the end of the command form.
  • Write an accent on the second-to last-syllable of the verb.
Sentemos + nos
Sentémonos aquí.
Let's sit here.
Hagamos + se + la
Let's make it for her.
Vamos + nos
Let’s go!
Despertémonos temprano.
Let's get up early.
Vámonos de la casa en cinco minutos.
Let’s leave the house in five minutes.

Vamos + Infinitive Form

  • Attach the pronoun to the end of the infinitive form.
Vamos a sentarnos aquí.
Let’s sit here.
Vamos a dormirnos.
Let’s go to sleep.

Negative Commands and Pronoun Placement

  • Write the reflexive, object, or indirect object pronoun between the negative word and before the verb. That's it!
No lo comamos.
Let’s not eat it.
No se lo demos.
Let’s not give it to them.

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