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A hispanic friend of mine calls me chiquita, besides small, what else could it mean? I mean, I know that I am small, but is that it?

  • Posted Jan 11, 2010
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This word can be used in a varity of contexts. If a man who is interested in you uses Chiquita, it means an endearment. If he is much older than you, it's still an endearment, but then a father-daughter thing - just as your own father would call you.

In a relationship, it means Baby. In this context, it can be endearing or condecending, depending on the mood of the speaker.

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He called you a banana!?! How rude! Jajajaja tongue wink

No, not really, it kind of lightly (almost sweetly) tossed around term, meaning little girl. He probably feels comfortable with you and has given you a nickname. grin

  • lol I think it is almost like saying my baby/my little girl :) - FELIZ77 Jan 31, 2012 flag
  • Mmm... it depends. He's not her parent so I don't think that would be an accurate translation due to context. - DJ_Huero Jan 31, 2012 flag
  • This term (atleast in the Mexican and Southern US culture) is tossed around alot from elders to younger people, and occasionally from friend to friend if one is older than the other. Similar to the term "mijo -a". - DJ_Huero Jan 31, 2012 flag
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Spanish is my first language and Chiquita is a lovely term. Usually the men is taller than the women and chiquita means that the girl is someon to protect. at least I see that way.

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He could be referring to your cute and small

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It's an affectionate term. He cares for you. Not necessarily as wanting to date you or anything like that. Just that he enjoys your friendship. It's like he wants to take care of you, as angelbuenami said. smile

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This is a term of endearment as others have rightly said literally meaning:'' little girl'' but one which shows the person using the expression cares about the girl/young lady and is feeling protective towards her. I think it is like saying: ''You are my little girl.'' but in an affectionate way and not meant in any patronising/condescending way!

I also think it can be used either simply in an affectionate way like father to daughter for example between a much older man and a young lady or more romantically.

You yourself hopefully know from the quality of your friendship/relationship with him, his tone of voice and/or the context of the message, which he means wink smile grin

On an additional point this made me wonder whether the Abba song Chiquitita is just using the dimunuitive form of the word above you are asking about; Chiquita = ''baby'' as Julian said (a term of enderament) I suppose, alternatively, it could simply be someone's name in the song.

Here is a link to the original Abba song Chiquitita performed in Spanish on Utube: link text I thought you might like to listen to it in Spanish wink smile grin

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Funny I should come across this question. The nickname I gave my wife 7 years ago is "Chiquita." She's had that nickname ever since I met her. It's mainly because of her height (4'11") but also because she's overall small and cute.

I wouldn't take it as an insult. Even if you are particularly sensitive about your size, I'm sure it was meant as a term of endearment. Either that or he thinks you look like a banana. LoL

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That's the only confirmed meaning of it that I have ever heard, yes.

Here's another thread with a similar question:


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Can be the diminutive of "chica" - in English it could "little one" which is what I call my daughter sometimes.

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Who knows what's going on in the minds of men? rolleyes

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Context is everything .

Imagine yourself in a bar, walking down the street, whatever, and some guy you don't know looks you up and down and says "Hola chiquita", with a flirtatious tone of voice, he's coming on to you.

And of course, everything everybody else already said.

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A Girl i am talking to that is a bit older than me just called me Chiquito, she is from Ecuador i Am PuertoRican we have interest in each other i Am taller than she is is that a term of endearment towards me? what does it mean for me it means Small or tiny what else it means

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i think it mean he likes you or he just means cutie

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It means 'lil mama"

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