What Does "Oye Cómo Va" Mean in English?

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oye cómo va= listen to how

percussion instruments

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Oye cómo vais the beginning of a line from the song Oye Cómo Va by Latin jazz great Tito Puente. It literally translates to listen to how and is really just the beginning of a few lines that make up the song's chorus. In the song, the singer pauses between oye cómo va (listen to how) and mi ritmo (my rhythm goes).

Oye cómo va mi ritmo.
Listen to how my rhythm goes.
Bueno pa' gozar.
(It's) good for having fun.

This tune has also been recorded by famous artists like Carlos Santana and Celia Cruz. Watch out if you listen to it...it's very pegajosa(catchy)!

Oye, ¿cómo va?is a common greeting meaning Hey, how's it going?

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