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What Does "¿Qué Hace?" Mean?

What Does "¿Qué Hace?" Mean?

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¿Qué hace?  = What is he/she/it doing? or What are you doing?

¿Qué hace? is the way to ask what a third person (he, she, it) or second person (you) does or is doing.

¿Qué hace tu hermano? - Es ingeniero.
What does your brother do? - He's an engineer.
¿Qué hace tu mamá? - Es doctora.
What does your mom do? - She's a doctor.
¿Qué hace tu abuelo en la cocina? - Está buscando algo.
What's your grandfather doing in the kitchen? - He's looking for something.
¿Usted qué hace? - Soy escritora.
What do you do? - I'm a writer.

¿Qué hace? is often used as a funny way to greet someone in phrases like Hola, ¿qué hace? ¿Durmiendo o qué hace?  (literally Hey, what're you doing? Sleeping or what're you doing?).

You'll also see this phrase in memes featuring a llama asking questions like that shown above, although with incorrect spelling and punctuation: Ola k ase? Durmiendo o k ase? Much like LOLcats, apparently the Llama ola k ase (the Ola K Ase Llama) doesn't know how to spell.

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