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i need to learn answers for como estas. like if somebody say u como estas what u can say in respond??

  • It is important to use correct English because there are many members learning English here on SD . " I need to learn answers for " como estas" If someone says " como estas" what can you say in return ? - ray76 Mar 24, 2014 flag

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bien - well / good

muy bien - very well /good

mal - bad

así-así - so so.... but I never hear this one .... i think its just polite to answer "bien" if you do not know the person.

say thank you....gracias ...and then ask them how they are

¿y tú? and you? informal - family friends

¿y usted? and you? formal - anyone older then you, or people that you have just met.

  • you could also say- estoy enojado/a (i am mad/angry), estoy cansado/a (I am tired), estoy aburrido/a (I am bored)... and so on. - NikkiLR Aug 27, 2009 flag
  • Estoy ocupado/enajado/bien/mal/feliz.. - Kunal_Mehend May 30, 2014 flag
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I love these types of questions and the answers they ilicite. To the asute observer, the answers demonstrate that a question can generate any one of a number of responses, not just "bien, gracias." Hopefully we all will develop a large enough vocabulary, as well as great listening skills, in order to become fluent speaks of this wonderful language. grin

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Muy bien gracias, ¿y usted?

  • or ¿y tú? as he spoke familiarlly to you. - 0074b507 Aug 27, 2009 flag
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bien- good muy bien- very good fantastico- fantastic magifico- magnificent asi- asi- so-so regular(pronounced re- goo- lar) mal- bad muy mal- very bad terrible(pronounced terr- ee- blay) horrible(pronounced hor- ee- blay)

you're welcome

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bien-good muy bien-very good mas so menos-so-so mal-bad regular-okay

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cansada - tired

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1st. You will first respond by telling that person how you are ,, Like ,, you could say .. bien or estoy bien, or you could say .. muy bien... Or if you are feeling on the top of the world .. you could say .. fantastico or marvioso or fabuloso or excelente .. (if you are a girl then the adjectives I have just stated would have to be metamorphosed to their feminine forms like marviosa, fabulosa etc.)

Or if you just want to say that you are doing so so .. (neither to good nor too bad) you could say .. Asi Asi ,, or regular (not english regular ,, this is spanish regular pronounced differently) or como siempre (as usual/like always).

If you want to say that you are not feeling well or doing well .. you could say .. mal or no estoy bien or me encuentro mal/enfermo/enferma (if you are unwell) ... Or you could say Malisimo (if you want to say that you are feeling like hell .. extremely bad).

2nd .. After answering the question it is usually a good practice to follow it up with a little reciprocal clause directing the original question back to the speaker (who asked you the question) ,, you can achieve that by saying ,, "y tu" (and you) (use the to form in the informal/friendly situations) "y usted" (for formal or semi formal situations). for example I would never say to my elderly uncle "y tu" (because I need to pay him some respect for him being my uncle and for his age) ..

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