How to Say “Good Morning” in Spanish

Quick Answer

Good morning = Buenos días.

  • Buen díais another way to say good morning in Spanish.
  • In informal settings, you can also use just buenason its own. ¡Ojo!(Careful!) Even though buenos días is masculine, the shortened form buenos does not exist. Buenas is used regardless of the time of day.


When someone says buenos días to you, the polite thing to do is say it back. Depending on whether you are speaking to someone informally or formally, you can also reply with Buenos días a ti también.or Buenos días a usted también.


Saying good morning in Spanish is just a start. Here are a few additional useful phrases used to greet someone in the morning:

¿Cómo amaneciste?
How did you sleep?/How are you this morning?
¿Dormiste bien?
Did you sleep well?
¿Cómo estás?
How are you?
¿Qué haces hoy?
What are you up to today?

The follow-up questions are in the form, meaning they are meant for informal conversations. If you are speaking to someone formally, make sure to conjugate the verb in the ustedform.

Terms of Endearment

If you are saying good morning to a loved one in Spanish, it is common to add a term of endearment.

For example:

¡Buenos días, mi amor! ¿Te traigo una taza de café?
Good morning, my love! Would you like a cup of coffee?
¡Buenos días, princesa! ¿Estás lista para desayunar?
Good morning, princess! Are you ready for breakfast?

Here is a list of more terms of endearment you can use when greeting a loved one in the morning.