transitive verb
1. (to push for) 
a. to urge 
Las autoridades médicas urgieron a la población en riesgo a vacunarse contra la influenza.The medical authorities urged the population at risk to get vaccinated against influenza.
intransitive verb
2. (to be pressing) 
Urge buscar una solución diplomática al conflicto.A diplomatic solution to the conflict is urgently needed.
3. (to be essential) 
a. no direct translation 
Me urge llamar a mis padres para que me envíen más dinero.I must call my parents to ask them to send me some more money.
Urge terminar de pintar la casa pronto para poder ponerla a la venta.We urgently need to finish painting the house so we can put it up for sale.
impersonal verb
1. (general) 
a. to be urgently necessary 
me urge hacerloI urgently need to do it
intransitive verb
to be urgent o pressing
urge el dinero the money is urgently needed; me urge la respuesta I need a reply urgently o as soon as possible; el tiempo urge time presses; time is short; me urge terminarlo I must finish it as soon as I can; me urge partir I have to leave at once; "úrgeme vender: dos gatos ..." "must be sold: two cats ..."
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