The word unta is the present form of untar in the third person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation. See the full untar conjugation.
transitive verb
1. (to cover) 
a. to spread 
Catalina, ¿puedes untar las tostadas con mermelada?Catalina, can you spread the toast with jam?
b. to smear 
La nena untó el lápiz labial de su mamá por toda la pared.The little girl smeared her mom's lipstick all over the wall.
c. to grease 
Hay que untar la cacerola con mantequilla antes de ponerle la masa.You ought to grease the pan with butter before putting the dough in it.
2. (colloquial) (to give a bribe) 
a. to bribe 
Estoy seguro de que untaron a alguien para que les permitiera construir en zona restringida.I'm sure they bribed somebody to get permission to build in a restricted area.
b. to grease the palm of (colloquial) 
Si tienes dinero suficiente, puedes untar a algún oficial corrupto.If you have enough money, you can grease the palm of a corrupt official.
pronominal verb
3. (to cover) 
a. to smear 
Para que sea efectiva la crema antiarrugas, debes untártela en la cara todas las noches.For the antiwrinkle cream to work, you need to smear it all over your face every night.
transitive verb
1. (piel, cara) 
a. to smear 
untar el paté en el panto spread the pâté on the bread
2. (colloquial) 
a. to grease the palm of, to bribe 
pronominal verb
3. (embadurnarse) 
a. no direct translation 
untarse la piel/cara (con o de)to smear one's skin/face (with)
4. (colloquial) 
a. to line one's pockets 
transitive verb
1 (cubrir) to smear; rub;con, de with; (Med) to anoint; rub;con, de with; (Mecánica) etc to grease; oil
untar su pan en la salsa to dip o soak one's bread in the gravy; untar el pan con mantequilla to spread butter on one's bread; untar los dedos de tinta to smear ink on one's fingers; smear one's fingers with ink
2 (sobornar) to bribe; grease the palm of
pronominal verb
1 (ensuciarse)
untarse con o de to smear o.s. with
2 (fraudulentamente) to have sticky fingers (familiar)
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