transitive verb
1. (to toss) 
a. tirar 
He threw the ball to his teammate for the score.Le tiró la pelota a su compañero de equipo para marcar gol.
b. lanzar 
I threw the dart toward the target but I missed.Lancé el dardo al blanco, pero fallé.
c. echar 
Throw the empty box in the recycling bin.Echa la caja vacía en la papelera de reciclaje.
d. arrojar 
Betty got in trouble for throwing rocks on the playground.Betty se metió en problemas por arrojar piedras en el patio de recreo.
e. aventar 
Throw me the ball so I can make a basket.Aviéntame la pelota para poder encestar.
2. (in wrestling) 
a. derribar 
The wrestler grabbed his opponent by the leg and threw him to the mat.El luchador agarró a su oponente por la pierna y lo derribó al tapiz.
3. (to disconcert) 
Your question threw me for a second, until I realized you were kidding.Tu pregunta me desconcertó por un segundo, hasta que me di cuenta de que estabas bromeando.
4. (to project) 
a. proyectar 
The tree threw a shadow across the lawn.El árbol proyectó una sombra sobre el césped.
5. (to hurl) 
a. echar 
Cristian threw himself at Monica shamelessly.Cristian se arrojó sobre Mónica descaradamente.
b. tirarse 
The kids dropped their stuff and threw themselves in the pool.Los niños dejaron caer sus cosas y se tiraron a la alberca.
c. lanzar 
He stopped suddenly and inadvertently threw the dog from the car.Se detuvo de repente y sin querer lanzó al perro del coche.
When Luis insulted Marina, her husband threw himself at Luis.Cuando Luis insultó a Marina, su esposo se abalanzó sobre Luis.
e. meter (in jail or prison) 
I threw Benjamin in jail for fraud, but he got out and works in a bank.Metí a Benjamín en la cárcel por fraude, pero salió y trabaja en un banco.
6. (to put on; with "on") 
a. echar 
I threw my coat on and headed out into the snow.Me eché el abrigo y salí a la nieve.
b. poner 
She threw her running shoes on and went running.Se puso los tenis para correr y salió a correr.
7. (to put into a state) 
a. ponerse 
The theft of her wedding ring threw her into depression.Con el robo de su aro de bodas se puso deprimida.
b. sumir 
The recent string of earthquakes has thrown the area into a panic.La reciente serie de terremotos ha sumido la zona en el pánico.
8. (toss) 
a. el tiro (M) (ball) 
It was a good throw, but I couldn't catch the ball.Fue un buen tiro, pero no pude agarrar la pelota.
b. el lanzamiento (M) (javelin, hammer) 
Her throw received the spontaneous applause of the public.Su lanzamiento recibió el aplauso espontáneo del público.
c. la tirada (F) (dice) 
It's your throw. Here's the dice.Es tu tirada. Ten los dados.
9. (in wresting) 
Karelin earned five points for each of his high amplitude throws.Karelin obtuvo cinco puntos por cada uno de su derribos de gran amplitud.
10. (bedding) 
Brighten up the bedroom by adding some decorative cushions and a throw.Alegra el dormitorio añadiendo algunos cojines decorativos y un cubrecama.
transitive verb
1. (with hands; in general) 
a. tirar 
b. aventar (Latin America) 
2. (ball, javelin) 
a. lanzar 
the rioters began throwing stoneslos alborotadores empezaron a arrojar piedras
to throw something at something/somebodytirarle algo a algo/alguien
to throw something in somebody's facearrojar algo a alguien en la cara
to throw (somebody) forward/backwardlanzar (a alguien) hacia delante/atrás
to throw oneself intotirarse a
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation (undertaking, work) 
to throw oneself on somebody's mercyponerse a merced de alguien
she threw herself at himprácticamente se echó en sus brazos
to throw somebody into confusionsumir a alguien en la confusión
to throw a switchdar al interruptor
to throw open the doorabrir la puerta de golpe
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
she tends to throw her weight abouttiende a abusar de su autoridad
5. (glance) 
a. lanzar 
6. (image, shadow) 
a. proyectar 
7. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to throw light on somethingarrojar luz sobre algo
8. (have) 
a. no direct translation 
to throw a fitponerse hecho(a) una furia
9. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to throw a partydar una fiesta
10. (sport) 
a. derribar (in wrestling) 
the horse threw its riderel caballo desmontó al jinete
11. (colloquial) 
a. desconcertar (disconcert) 
12. (of dice, darts) 
a. la tirada (F) 
13. (of ball, javelin, discus) 
a. el lanzamiento (M) 
14. (in wrestling) 
a. el derribo (M) 
throw [θrəʊ] threw (past)thrown (participle:past)
transitive verb
1 (toss) [+ball, stone] tirar; echar; (violently) tirar; arrojar; lanzar; [+dice] echar; tirar; [+javelin, discus, grenade] lanzar
the crowd began throwing stones la multitud empezó a tirar or arrojar or lanzar piedras; he threw a double six sacó dos seises
to throw sb sth throw sth to sb tirar or echar algo a algn
he threw Brian a rope le tiró or echó una cuerda a Brian
he spent hours throwing a tennis ball against a wall
to throw sth at sb tirar or arrojar algo a algn
on one occasion he threw a radio at this mother en una ocasión le tiró or arrojó una radio a su madre; they think they can solve problems by throwing money at them piensan que metiendo dinero pueden solucionar cualquier problema
she threw the letters in the bin tiró or echó las cartas a la basura
he threw a glass of water over her head le echó or vació un vaso de agua en la cabeza
he threw the ball 20 metres to throw money at sth throw the dice to see how far you can move he threw the javelin further than ever before and won the World Record he threw the book in the air why not throw it all in the pot and see what happens? she threw her clothes on(to) the bed the man had been thrown [out of] a moving train he threw me into the pool to throw the book at sb I hope they throw the book at him the shooting was played right down because it was political. We wanted to throw the book at him. This was a case of treason you'll be dismissed from the Police Force, there's no doubt of that. And there'll probably be criminal charges. The papers are onto it and there've been questions in the House - they want to throw the book at you if these illegal transfer deals are found to be true then we will throw the book at the clubs involved to throw energy/money into sth they threw all their military resources into the battle to throw sth out of the window the club have thrown tradition out of the window by taking on a French player to throw sth overboard the country threw his economic policies overboard
to throw one's hat or cap into the ring echarse or lanzarse al ruedo
if Mr Prescott does now throw his hat in the ring for the leadership, his remarks in Esquire leave him open to sniping from opponents
2 (hurl to the ground) [+person] (in fight, wrestling) derribar; [+horse] desmontar
he was thrown from his horse the horse reared, throwing it's rider and knocking down a youth standing beside it
3 (send, hurl)
the blast threw her across the room la explosión la lanzó or arrojó al otro lado de la sala
to throw o.s. at sb abalanzarse sobre algn; echarse encima de algn; (flirt) insinuarse descaradamente a algn; tirar los tejos a algn (informal)
I'll say you started it, that you threw yourself at me
to throw o.s. at sb's feet echarse a los pies de algn
he was thrown clear of the car salió despedido del coche
she threw herself into the river se tiró al rió
the kidnap threw the family into panic el secuestro infundió pánico or hizo que cundiera el pánico en la familia; the country was thrown into turmoil el país se sumió en el caos; to throw sb into jail or prison meter a algn en la cárcel; he threw himself into his work se metió de lleno en el trabajo
he was caught drug-trafficking and thrown into prison the cop threatened to throw all of us in jail Langtry felt himself thrown into the air the force of the explosion threw him into the air to throw o.s. [in] [into] sth to throw o.s. into sth he threw himself in the Nile she threw herself into a modelling career to throw o.s. into one's work Mrs Kaul threw herself into her work heart and soul
to throw o.s. on sb's mercy ponerse a merced de algn
she threw herself onto the bed se tiró en la cama
she was thrown out of her seat salió despedida de su asiento
the recession has thrown millions out of work la recesión ha dejado a millones de personas sin trabajo
the device exploded, throwing Mr Taylor from his car she threatened to throw herself in front of a train to throw sb [off] the track trail he tried to throw police off the track of his lover he was thrown out of the bar to throw sb off the scent the back of the skull had been removed, presumably in an attempt to throw scientists off the scent it would be wiser if we split up to throw them temporarily off the scent to throw o.s. [off] sth he threw himself off a bridge to throw o.s. [on] sth
he threw me to the ground me arrojó al suelo
4 (direct) [+light, shadow] proyectar; [+look, smile] lanzar
she threw him a suggestive grin
this new information throws doubt on their choice esta nueva información pone en duda su elección
this question has been thrown at me many times me han hecho esta pregunta or me han preguntado esto muchas veces
he was throwing random suggestions at her le estaba sugiriendo cosas al azar
she didn't attempt to throw any suspicion on you no intentó hacer que las sospechas recayeran sobre ti
the tyre marks had been used to throw suspicion on an innocent man the young men might be absent from the villages, throwing a heavy strain on the old men and women the sunlight is bright and harsh, throwing hard-edged shadows on the ground a spotlight threw a pool of violet light onto the stage she threw nervous glances at him to throw [light] on sth to make sth clearer this new information throws light on the crime to throw a [punch] at sb everything was fine until someone threw a punch at Jim
to throw one's voice [+actor, public speaker] proyectar la voz
stage actors learn to throw their voices so they can be heard at the back of the theatre ventriloquists have to learn how to throw their voices
5 (disconcert) desconcertar
this answer seemed to throw him esta respuesta pareció desconcertarle; he was thrown by her question su pregunta lo desconcertó or lo dejó desconcertado
the professor threw me by asking if I went in for martial arts the puncture threw me a little
6 (put)
she threw her arms around his neck le echó los brazos al cuello; le abrazó por el cuello
to throw a coat round one's shoulders echarse un abrigo por los hombros
a police cordon was thrown around the area la policía acordonó la zona; se cercó la zona con un cordón policial
he threw a cloth over the table
to throw open [+doors, windows] abrir de par en par; [+house, gardens] abrir al público; [+competition, race] abrir a todos
she threw the windows open to let some air into the room the family was short of money and decided to throw their mansion open to the public
7 (have)
to throw a [fit]
she threw a fit (of hysterics) le dio un ataque (de histeria)
to throw a party dar or hacer una fiesta
why not throw a party for your friends?
she threw a tantrum le dio una rabieta or un berrinche (informal)
I used to get very upset, throwing tantrums all over the place
8 (move) [+lever, switch] dar a
Prince Edward threw the switch to light the illuminations he threw the switch of the alarm system
9 (Pottery)
to throw a pot tornear un tiesto; hacer un tiesto con el torno
pottery owner Vernon Owens, descendant of generations of potters, threw his first pot when he was 4 years old. "By the time I was 8," he says, "I was turning ashtrays and flowerpots for my daddy's shop"
10 (lose on purpose) [+contest, game] perder a posta
offering him a bribe to throw the game the boxer was accused of throwing the fight
11 (Zool) (give birth to) parir
the cow threw a calf in the early hours of the morning
1 [of ball, stone] tiro (m); [of javelin, discus] lanzamiento (m); [of dice] tirada (f); (in judo, wrestling) derribo (m)
it's your throw te toca tirar (a ti); I needed a throw of four to win necesitaba sacar un cuatro para ganar
that was a good throw Jan Pitt made the longest throw of the competition Javelin star Steve Backley finished third with a throw of 84.78m a throw of the dice allows a player to move himself forward would you risk all that money on one throw of the dice?
2 (each one)
"how much are they?" — "50 quid a throw" —¿cuánto cuestan? —50 libras cada uno
most applications software for personal computers cost over $500 a throw 50p a throw at fair etc they're £15 a throw
3 (cover) (for sofa) cubresofá (m)
I'm going to buy a new throw for the sofa, the old one is worn out
(for bed) cubrecama (m); colcha (f)
there's a shop on the High St that sells rugs, blankets and throws the vertical displacement of rock strata at a fault
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