transitive verb
1. (to take soundings of) 
a. to sound 
Los marineros sondaron el fondo marino para que el barco no se encallara.The sailors sounded the seafloor to make sure the ship didn't run aground.
2. (to insert a catheter into) 
El paciente tuvo que ser sondado para vaciarle la vejiga.The patient had to be catheterized to empty his bladder.
3. (to examine with a probe) 
a. to probe 
El enfermero sondó la herida para ver si quedaba algún fragmento de vidrio.The nurse probed the wound to see if there was a shard of glass left in it.
4. (to bore) 
a. to drill 
No pudimos sondar la roca porque era muy dura para el equipo que teníamos.We couldn't drill the rock because it was too hard for the equipment we had.
transitive verb
1. (medicine) 
a. to sound, to probe 
2. (nautical) 
a. to sound 
3. (mineralogy) 
a. to test 
4. (roca) 
a. to drill 
transitive verb
1 (Med) to probe
2 (Náutica) to sound; take soundings of
3 (Técnica) to bore; bore into; drill
4 (investigar) [+misterio] to fathom; [+persona, intenciones] to sound out
sondear a la opinión pública to sound out public opinion; sondear el terreno to spy out the land; see how the land lies
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