intransitive verb
1. (to have a social life) 
Es importante que los adolescentes tengan oportunidades de socializar fuera de la escuela.It is important for teenagers to have opportunities to socialize outside of school.
b. to socialise (United Kingdom) 
En las guarderías, los pequeños aprenden a interactuar y socializar con otros niños.At nursery, young children learn to interact and socialise with other children.
transitive verb
2. (to transfer to state ownership) 
El gobierno anunció que socializará todas las empresas petroleras que operan en el paísThe government announced it would be nationalizing all the oil companies operating in the country.
b. to nationalise (United Kingdom) 
Aunque el partido desearía socializar la red ferroviaria de nuevo, entienden la magnitud de la tarea.Although the party would like to see the railways nationalised again, they recognise the enormity of the task.
3. (psychology) 
Llevo a mi cachorro a clases dedicadas a cómo socializarlo.I take my puppy to special classes to learn how to socialize him.
b. to socialise (United Kingdom) 
Los pacientes deben ser socializados antes de poder reintegrarse a la sociedad.Inmates must be socialised before they can return to society.
transitive verb
1. (economics) 
a. to nationalize 
transitive verb
[+país] to collectivize; [+empresa] to nationalize;
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