1. (blow) 
He went down with one punch to the temple.Se cayó de un puñetazo a la sien.
2. (tool) 
He used the punch to make holes in the sign.Utilizó el punzón para perforar el letrero.
Pass me the punch so I can put these sheets in binders.Pásame la perforadora para poder encuadernar estas hojas.
3. (culinary) 
a. el ponche (M) 
My mom made a special punch for Christmas.Mi mamá hizo un ponche especial para la Navidad.
4. (vigor) 
a. la garra (F) 
My grandfather may be old, but he still has a lot of punch.Puede que mi abuelo sea viejo, pero sigue teniendo bastante garra.
transitive verb
5. (to hit) 
Tom punched the photographer because he refused to stop taking pictures.Tom le dio un puñetazo al fotógrafo porque este se negó a dejar de tomar fotos.
6. (to cut) 
a. perforar 
As soon as she punches your ticket, you can go in.En cuanto le perfore el boleto, puede pasar.
b. picar 
The cashier punched my loyalty card.La cajera me picó la tarjeta de lealtad.
c. troquelar 
We have to punch the designs on the coins for the festival.Tenemos que troquelar los diseños en las monedas para el festival.
intransitive verb
7. (to hit) 
a. pegar 
It seems that this boxer only punches harder with every passing round!¡Parece que este boxeador solo pega más duro con cada ronda!
1. (drink) 
a. el ponche (M) 
punch [pʌntʃ]
1 (tool) (for making holes) (in leather etc) punzón (m); (in paper) perforadora (f); (in ticket) máquina (f) de picar; (for stamping design) troquel (m); cuño (m); (for driving in nails) clavadora (f)
2 (blow) puñetazo (m)
he floored him with one punch lo derribó de un solo puñetazo
body punch (Boxing) puñetazo (m) en el cuerpo
he was hurting Johansson with body punches in the fourth round
a punch in the face un puñetazo en la cara
Brownhill replied with a punch in the face
to land a punch asestar un puñetazo
he seemed incapable of landing a punch on Bruno's face
a punch on or in the nose un puñetazo en la nariz
I think he deserves a punch in the nose
he packs a punch pega duro (informal)
to swing or throw a punch soltar un puñetazo
he was knocked out in 15 seconds without even throwing a punch we have film of Russell throwing a punch at a party Mark Jones was sent off for throwing a punch at Gary Tees
to take a punch recibir un puñetazo
he took some terrible punches but he kept coming back at least I have proved one thing, I can take a punch Eubank's ability to take a punch is well-documented
to pull one's punches andarse con miramientos
he didn't pull any punches no se mordió la lengua
3 (vigour) empuje (m); garra (f)
he has punch tiene empuje or garra; think of a phrase that's got some punch to it piensa una frase que tenga garra
he's a speaker with some punch his arguments lacked punch we need a presentation with some punch to it the show doesn't have the punch it used to have a bit of punch is exactly what the British chat show needs my nervousness made me deliver the vital points of my address without sufficient punch Hurricane Andrew may be slowly losing its punch, but its winds are still around 100 miles an hour some ministers lack the political influence and punch of their colleagues
transitive verb
1 (perforate) (with tool) [+paper, card, metal] perforar; [+leather] punzar; [+ticket] picar
make sure you get your ticket punched
(also punch out) (with die) troquelar; (stamp) [+design] estampar
punched card tarjeta (f) perforada
to punch the clock fichar
to punch a hole in sth (in leather, paper, metal) hacer un agujero a algo
they had punched a hole in the myth of American superiority
they punched holes in Arsenal's defence encontraron huecos en la defensa del Arsenal
to punch holes in a sheet
punched tape cinta (f) perforada
2 (hit) (with fist) dar un puñetazo a
he punched me!
to punch sb in the stomach/on the nose dar un puñetazo a algn en el estómago/la nariz
to punch sb in the face punch sb's face dar un puñetazo a algn en la cara
they rolled about on the floor punching each other
she punched the air in triumph agitaba los brazos, triunfante
I punched the ball into the net metí el balón en la red de un manotazo
he punched his fist through the glass atravesó el cristal de un puñetazo
he punched the wall angrily golpeó la pared furioso
3 (press) [+button, key] presionar
she sat down at the computer and punched a few keys he punched the bell on the reception desk
4 (US)
to punch cattle aguijonear al ganado
he'd been punching cattle on that ranch since he was a boy
intransitive verb
pegar (puñetazos)
come on, you can punch harder than that! ¡venga, que puedes pegar con más fuerza!
they carried him away, punching and kicking
to punch at sb dar or pegar un puñetazo a algn
she punched at the keyboard of the computer he started punching impatiently at the doorbell
punch bag (n) (Britain) saco (m) de arena
punch card (n) tarjeta (f) perforada
punch line (n) remate (m)
I've forgotten the punch line
punch operator (n) operadoraoperadora (m) (f) de máquina perforadora;a operadora
punch [pʌntʃ]
(drink) ponche (m)
masculine noun
1. (blow) (Latin America) 
a. punch 
El punch lo tomó por sorpresa y casi se cayó.The punch caught him by surprise and he almost fell.
2. (drive) (Latin America) 
a. strength 
Ya debe pensar en jubilarse porque ya perdió su punch.He should think about retiring now because he's lost his strength.
b. punch 
El candidato dio su discurso con punch. The candidate delivered his speech with punch.
c. agility 
El jugador no tiene punch. Es previsible y lento.The player has no agility. He's predictable and slow.
1 (puñetazo) punch
2 (al hacer algo) (empuje) strength; punch; (agilidad) agility
3 punches (Centroamérica) popcorn
; (s)
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