1. (hook) 
a. el gancho (M) 
Phoebe took her coat off the peg by the door before leaving the house.Phoebe tomó su abrigo del gancho que está junto a la puerta antes de salir de la casa.
George hung his hat on a peg and took a seat.George colgó su sombrero en un colgador y se sentó.
2. (clothespin) (United Kingdom) 
a. la pinza (F) 
Sarah leaves the pegs on the clothes line even when there isn't any washing drying.Sarah deja las pinzas en el tendedero aún cuando no hay ropa secándose.
b. el broche (M) (Argentina) 
I can't get any more clothes on the line and I don't have enough pegs.No me cabe más ropa en el tendedero y me faltan broches.
3. (musical instruments) 
Angie turned the pegs on her guitar to tune it.Angie giró las clavijas de su guitarra para afinarla.
4. (cylindrical piece) 
The climber wedged a peg into a crack on the face of the mountain.El escalador encajó una clavija en una grieta en la pared de la montaña.
5. (stake) 
a. la estaca (F) 
Melvin secured the tent with pegs spaced a meter apart.Melvin aseguró la tienda de campaña con estacas espaciadas un metro de distancia.
We used five pegs to secure our tent.Utilizamos cinco estaquillas para asegurar la tienda de campaña.
transitive verb
6. (to attach) 
a. sujetar 
I hope you pegged the tent down well. There's a storm coming.Espero que hayas sujetado bien la tienda de campaña. Se aproxima una tormenta.
b. asegurar 
It started to rain as soon as I finished pegging the tent.Empezó a llover en cuanto aseguré la tienda de campaña.
c. fijar 
Helen pegged the tent to keep it from blowing away.Helen fijó el toldo para que el viento no se lo llevara.
7. (to fix) 
a. fijar 
The Federal Reserve pegged the rate at close to 0% for over 80 months.La Reserva Federal fijó la tasa cerca del 0% por más de 80 meses.
b. congelar 
The government decided to peg the price of wheat.El gobierno decidió congelar el precio del trigo.
8. (to link) 
a. vincular 
Our mortgage interest rate is pegged to the interbank rate.Nuestra tasa de interés de la hipoteca está vinculada a la tasa interbancaria.
b. ajustar 
The labor organization wants to peg increases in the minimum wage to inflation.La organización de trabajadores quiere ajustar los aumentos en el salario mínimo a la inflación.
9. (to categorize; often used with "as") (United States) 
Thomas pegged Nancy as a conservative.Thomas encasilló a Nancy de conservadora.
b. etiquetar 
I never pegged you as a ballet fan.Nunca te etiqueté de aficionado al ballet.
c. catalogar 
I pegged him as a crank within the first minute I met him.Lo catalogué de cascarrabias al primer minuto de haberlo conocido.
10. (to hang) (United Kingdom) 
a. tender 
I need to go peg the washing out so it'll dry before the sun goes down.Necesito salir a tender la ropa para que se seque antes de que se ponga el sol.
11. (colloquial) (to throw) 
a. darle duro (colloquial) 
The baseball batter pegged one of the runners on the head.El bateador de béisbol le dio duro a uno de los corredores en la cabeza.
1. (pin for fastening) 
a. la clavija (F) 
2. (for coat, hat) 
a. el colgador (M) 
(clothes) pegpinza f
(tent) pegclavija f, estaquilla f
to buy clothes off the pegcomprar ropa prêt-à-porter
to take somebody down a peg (or two)bajarle a alguien los humos
transitive verb
3. (fasten) 
a. no direct translation 
to peg something in placefijar algo con clavijas
to peg the washing on the linetender la ropa (con pinzas)
4. (prices) 
a. fijar 
to peg something to the rate of inflationajustar algo al índice de inflación
peg [peɡ]
1 (in ground, tent peg) estaca (f); (clothes peg) pinza (f); broche (m); (LAm) (Mús) (tuning peg) clavija (f); (in board game) ficha (f); (in barrel) estaquilla (f); (Croquet) piquete (m); (Climbing) clavija (f)
he builds furniture using wooden pegs instead of nails the door was always secured by a peg pushed through a metal hasp a hair clip, one of those with a peg through a small circle of olive-wood we make a little bone peg and carve it and plug it into the amputation stump he had driven in pegs and used a rope to mark off the circle the noise of the hammer striking the steel pegs hammer the pegs in with a mallet I carved a tuning peg and strung it with piano wire pegs are placed in all holes on the board except the middle when a player moves his pegs to the last and winning hole, the game is over just crank up your hearing aid a peg or two this brought the excitement down by several pegs to [use] pegs
to take or bring sb down a peg (or two) bajar los humos or el copete a algn (informal)
he needs taking down a peg or two it's time he was brought down a peg or two he probably told them I was out to seduce you, and needed to be brought down a peg some will thrive on encouragement, others sometimes require taking down a peg if we leaked some of the information we have on him, that would bring him down a peg or two
2 (for coat, hat) gancho (m); colgador (m)
your coat? - it's hanging on the peg in the hall his work jacket hung on the peg in the kitchen
off the peg (Britain) confeccionado; de confección; an off-the-peg suit un traje confeccionado or de confección; he always buys clothes off the peg siempre compra ropa confeccionada or de confección
3 (pretext) pretexto (m)
use the new law as a peg for the question utiliza la nueva ley como pretexto para hacer la pregunta
this latest revelation about her was the peg for the interview Locke used patriarchy as a peg for his theories on ecclesiastical and political authoritarianism
a peg on which to hang a theory un punto de apoyo para justificar una teoría
it was just a peg on which to hang personal rivalries memory often works better if we think of pegs to hang things on some issues may be merely pegs on which to hang individual hostilities he gives evidence which provides a peg on which all the circumstantial evidence can be hung
transitive verb
1 (secure) (gen) fijar; [+clothes] [+tent] fijar con estacas; sujetar con estacas
figureheads, which graced ships under the bowsprit, were made in separate sections and pegged together he carves by hand, uses dovetailing and pegged mortise-and-tenon joints the Victorian house has slates pegged with nails
(on line) tender
trying to peg a double sheet on a washing line on a blustery day to peg sth [on] the clothesline
2 (fix) [+prices, wages] fijar; estabilizar;at, to en
the Bank wants to peg rates at 9% el banco quiere fijar or estabilizar las tasas en el 9%
to peg wage rises to 2% surely it is not too much to peg prescription charges? UK trading profits were pegged at £40million a decision by the building societies to peg their mortgage rates lower costs and higher profits have helped peg price increases for Northern Electric's customers to 2 per cent
(link) vincular;to a
they continue to peg their currencies to the dollar siguen vinculando su moneda al dólar
billions of dollars in aid are pegged to reforms in the Soviet economy wage rises have been pegged to the rate of inflation after the 1987 election he attempted to peg the pound unofficially to the mark they'll have to set the rate at which the pound is pegged to the deutschmark a pegged European currency she wants maternity payments pegged to the level of statutory sick pay to peg European currencies one against another
(categorize) [+person] encasillar
here you're pegged by what you wear aquí te encasillan por la ropa que llevas
I had you pegged from the start in this country, where you're pegged by what you wear, eat, drive and read certain things will peg you in a certain position
his accent pegged him as an Englishman su acento lo delataba como inglés
once they peg you as hard to work with, no one wants you I wouldn't have pegged him as a dancer
to peg one's hopes on sth depositar or cifrar sus esperanzas en algo
anyone who's pegged any hopes at all on a June election will be disappointed
peg leg (n) pata (f) de palo
a pirate with a peg leg
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