invitaremos we will invite
The word invitaremos is the future form of invitar in the first person plural. See the full invitar conjugation.
transitive verb
1. (to request the presence of) 
a. to invite 
Voy a invitar a toda mi familia a mi fiesta de cumpleaños.I'm inviting my whole family to my birthday party.
2. (to pay) 
a. to buy 
Deje que le invite a una cerveza.Let me buy you a beer.
3. (to attract) 
a. to entice 
El ambiente de ese bar invita a bailar.The atmosphere of that bar entices you to dance.
intransitive verb
4. (to pay) 
a. to buy 
No te preocupes por la cuenta que invito yo.Don't worry about the bill; I'm buying.
transitive verb
1. (convidar) 
a. no direct translation 
invitar a alguien (a algo/a hacer algo)to invite somebody (to something/to do something)
me han invitado a una fiestaI've been invited to a party
me invitó a entrarshe asked me in
2. (pagar) 
a. no direct translation 
te invitoit's my treat, this one's on me
invitar a alguien a algoto buy somebody something
me invitó a una cervezahe bought me a beer
te invito a cenar fueraI'll take you out for dinner
intransitive verb
3. (pagar) 
a. to pay 
invito yoit's my treat, this one's on me
invita la casait's on the house
4. (incitar) 
a. no direct translation 
invitar a algoto encourage something
este sol invita a salirthe sun makes you want to go out
transitive verb
1 (gen) to invite
me invitó al cine she invited me to the cinema; me invitó a Marbella she invited me to go to Marbella; invito yo it's on me; os invito a una cerveza I'll buy o stand you all a beer; nos invitó a cenar (fuera) she took us out for a meal; dio las gracias a los que lo habían invitado he thanked his hosts
2 (incitar) to invite
invitar a algn a hacer algo to invite sb to do sth; (exhortando) to call on sb to do sth; invitar a algn a la violencia to incite sb to violence
Un sacerdote que invita a la violencia es un mal sacerdote
3 (atraer) to entice
una frase que invita a comprar a slogan which entices you to buy
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