imputaron they imputed
The word imputaron is the preterite form of imputar in the third person plural. See the full imputar conjugation.
transitive verb
1. (to charge) 
a. to impute 
Se imputó al acusado por tenencia de armas ilegal.The defendant was imputed for the possession of ilegal arms.
El político ha sido imputado por varios casos de corrupción.he politician has been attributed with several cases of corruption.
c. to accuse 
El hombre confesó que sí había cometido el delito que le imputaban.The man confessed that he had committed the crime that he was accused of.
2. (to dedicate) 
El dinero que gané en la lotería lo imputé a pagar la hipoteca de mi casa.I allocated the money I won in the lottery to pay my home mortgage.
b. to assign 
El alcalde imputó el dinero recaudado en los impuestos a realizar mejoras en la ciudad.The mayor assigned the tax money collected to make improvements in the city.
transitive verb
1. (atribuir) 
a. no direct translation 
imputar algo a alguiento accuse somebody of something
2. (commerce) 
a. to allocate, to assign 
transitive verb
imputar a to impute to; attribute to; los hechos que se les imputan the acts with which they are charged
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