The word guarnecemos is the present form of guarnecer in the first person plural. See the full guarnecer conjugation.
transitive verb
1. (adornar) 
a. to decorate 
2. (ropa) 
a. to trim 
3. (culinary) 
a. to garnish 
4. (military) 
a. to be garrisoned in 
transitive verb
1 (proveer) to equip; provide; (adornar) to adorn; garnish; (Cos) to trim; (Técnica) to cover; protect; reinforce; [+frenos] to line; [+joya] to set; mount; [+caballo] to harness
2 (Culin) to garnish
carne guarnecida con cebolla y zanahoria meat garnished with onion and carrot
3 (Mil) to man; garrison
4 (Archit) [+pared] to plaster; stucco
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