cercenaremos we will sever
The word cercenaremos is the future form of cercenar in the first person plural. See the full cercenar conjugation.
transitive verb
1. (to dismember) 
a. to sever 
El soldado le cercenó el brazo al enemigo con el machete.The soldier severed his enemy's arm with his machete.
El verdugo le cercenó la cabeza en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.The executioner cut off his head in the blink of an eye.
"Me cercenaron la mano porque es el castigo por robar", dijo el pobre chico."They amputated my hand because it is the punishment for stealing," said the poor boy.
2. (to cut shorter) 
a. to trim 
Le cercené las plumas al loro.I trimmed the parrot's feathers.
3. (to reduce) 
La municipalidad cercenó la cantidad destinada a las actividades culturales.The city council cut down the amount set aside for cultural activities.
transitive verb
1. (extremidad) 
a. to amputate 
2. (restringir) 
a. to cut back, to curtail 
transitive verb
1 (recortar) to cut o trim the edges of
2 [+brazo, pierna] to sever
3 (reducir) [+gastos] to cut down; reduce; [+texto] to shorten; cut down
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