intransitive verb
1. (music) 
Mariana castañeteaba mientras bailaba flamenco.Mariana played the castanets as she danced the flamenco.
2. (to click together repeteadly) 
a. to chatter (teeth) 
Cuando salí del agua helada del lago, me temblaba el cuerpo y me castañeteaban los dientes.When I came out of the ice-cold lake, my body was shaking and my teeth were chattering.
b. to knock (knees) 
Al paracaidista le castañeteaban las rodillas antes de saltar.The paratrooper's knees were knocking before he jumped.
transitive verb
3. (to strike together) 
a. to snap 
Mi madre castañeteó los dedos dos veces para llamar mi atención.My mother snapped her fingers twice to call my attention.
4. (to click together repeatedly) 
No le entiendo. Balbucea y castañetea los dientes cuando intenta hablar.I can't understand her. She babbles and chatters her teeth when trying to speak.
intransitive verb
1. (dientes) 
a. to chatter 
me castañetean las rodillasmy knees are knocking
transitive verb
1 [+dedos] to snap
2 (Música) to play on the castanets
intransitive verb
1 (sonar) [+dedos] to snap; click; [+dientes] to chatter; [+huesos] to crack
castañetear con los dedos to snap one's fingers
2 (Música) to play the castanets
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