Listen to an audio pronunciation
Listen to an audio pronunciation
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (of poor quality)
a. malo
I can't believe I wasted my time on such a bad movie!¡No puedo creer que perdí mi tiempo viendo una película tan mala!
2. (harmful)
a. malo
Drinking alcohol is bad for your health.Beber alcohol es malo para tu salud.
3. (unpleasant)
a. malo
I had a bad day at work today.Hoy tuve un día malo en el trabajo.
4. (unfavorable)
a. malo
I'm afraid this is a bad time, come back later.Me temo que este es un mal momento, vuelva luego.
5. (wicked)
a. malo
That boyfriend of yours was a bad person.Aquel novio tuyo era una mala persona.
6. (severe)
a. fuerte
I had such a bad headache that I had to stay at home.Tenía un dolor de cabeza tan fuerte que tuve que quedarme en casa.
b. grave
He was shot, and his wound is bad.Le dispararon y la herida es grave.
7. (rotten)
a. podrido
Don't eat that tomato, it's gone bad.No te comas ese tomate, está podrido.
8. (guilty)
a. mal
I feel bad for not having remembered our wedding anniversary.Me siento mal por no haberme acordado de nuestro aniversario de boda.
9. (afflicted)
a. malo
My dad has a bad back and cannot lift heavy objects.Mi papá tiene la espalda mala y no puede levantar objetos pesados.
10. (finance)
a. sin fondos
I knew it was a bad check when it was returned by the bank.Supe que era un cheque sin fondos cuando el banco me lo devolvió.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
11. (evil)
a. lo malo
You have to take the bad with the good in this situation.Tienes que aceptar lo bueno y lo malo en esta situación.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g. skinny, grandma).
(for emphasis)
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
I love you so bad that it hurts.Te quiero tanto que duele.
It's so hot out. I need some water real bad.Hace tanto calor afuera. Estoy desesperado por un poco de agua.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (of poor quality)
a. malo(a)
it's not badno está mal
he's bad at Englishse le da mal el inglés
I'm really bad at cookingsoy un desastre cocinando
things are going from bad to worselas cosas van de mal en peor
it was a bad time to leaveera un mal momento para irse
to have a bad timepasarlo mal
bad checkcheque sin fondos
2. (finance)
bad debtdeuda incobrable
in bad faithde mala fe
bad feelinganimadversión f
it was a bad idea to invite themno fue una buena idea invitarles
to give something up as a bad jobdejar algo por imposible
to be a bad loserser un mal perdedor
bad luckmala suerte f
3. (unpleasant)
a. malo(a)
bad bloodmala sangre f
there's bad blood between themexiste una gran hostilidad entre ellos
to get into somebody's bad booksentrar en la lista negra de alguien
bad mannersmala educación f, malos modales mpl
it's bad manners to…es de mala educación…
to be in a bad moodestar de mal humor
4. (fig)
she's bad newsno te traerá más que problemas
5. (unfortunate)
it's (really) too bad!, that's too bad!¡es una (verdadera) pena!
to have a bad effect on somethingperjudicar algo
he'll come to a bad endterminará mal
6. (not healthy)
a. enfermo(a)
he's got a bad back/heartestá mal de la espalda/del corazón
smoking/alcohol is bad for youfumar/el alcohol es perjudicial para la salud
to be in a bad wayestar muy mal
7. (wicked; person, behavior)
a. malo(a)
to use bad languagedecir palabrotas
bad wordpalabrota f
8. (serious; mistake, illness, accident)
a. grave
9. (pain, headache)
a. fuerte
10. (rotten)
a. malo(a), podrido(a)
to be badestar malo(a) or podrido(a)
to go badestropearse, echarse a perder
11. (fig)
a bad appleuna manzana podrida
12. (guilty)
to feel bad about somethingsentirse mal por algo
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bad [bæd]
worse (comparative)worst (superlative)
1 (disagreeable) malo
I've had a bad day at work he tenido un mal día en el trabajo; to taste bad saber mal; no saber bueno; she looked as if she had a bad smell under her nose parecía como si algo le oliera mal
this coffee tastes bad to me a bad [mood/temper] she's in one of her bad moods a fit of bad temper to have a bad [time] of it we've been going through a bad time recently
to go from bad to worse ir de mal en peor
2 (poor, inferior) malo
her English is bad habla inglés mal; his handwriting is bad tiene mala letra; business is bad el negocio va mal
to be bad at sth ser malo para algo
I was bad at sports era muy malo para los deportes; los deportes se me daban mal
the British have a reputation for being bad at languages he's bad at tennis
he was a bad driver era un mal conductor
that's not a bad idea esa no es una mala idea
I'm a bad liar no sé mentir
bad light stopped play se suspendió el partido debido a la falta de luz
it would make me look bad in the press daría una mala imagen de mí en la prensa
he wasn't bad-looking no estaba mal
I don't think I'm that bad-looking
bad management mala administración
not bad for a beginner the job was boring, but the money wasn't bad
this wine's not bad at all este vino no está nada mal
too bad
it's too bad you couldn't get tickets es una pena or una lástima que no hayas podido conseguir entradas; "that was my drink!" — "too bad!" —¡ésa era mi bebida! —¡qué le vamos a hacer!; if you don't like it, (that's) too bad! si no te gusta, ¡peor para ti!
the firm has had a bad year la empresa ha tenido un mal año
economists say tax cuts are a bad idea many people are forced to live in bad housing students are very bad at turning up for lectures she starred in a bad film about the Mau Mau it's the worst meal I've ever eaten! the worst thing you can do is underestimate him a bad actor
3 (serious, severe) [+accident, mistake] grave; [+headache] fuerte
she's got a bad cold está muy resfriada; tiene un resfriado fuerte; the traffic was bad today hoy había mucho tráfico
a bad headache he had a bad accident two years ago
4 (unfavourable) malo
the plane was diverted due to bad weather el avión fue desviado debido al mal tiempo; you've come at a bad time vienes en un mal momento; things are looking bad for the government las cosas se están poniendo feas para el gobierno; it'll look bad if we don't go quedará mal que no vayamos
this is beginning to look bad "it looks bad," he said, "the infection is spreading" it was a bad start to our relationship the report couldn't have come at a worse time the shutdown is bad news for the staff that wouldn't be a bad thing
5 (harmful) malo
he was a bad influence era una mala influencia
to be bad for sth/sb
smoking is bad for you or for your health fumar es malo or perjudicial para la salud; fumar perjudica la salud; soap is bad for the skin el jabón no es bueno para la piel
empty hotel rooms are bad for business it's bad for them to watch television all the time it's bad for her image to be seen with those people divorce is bad for children
6 (wicked) [+person, behaviour] malo
you bad boy! ¡qué niño más malo eres!; they're a bad lot no son buena gente
I don't think he's a bad person he gave up his bad ways his beliefs don't make him any worse than anybody else
he said a bad word ha dicho una palabrota
it's too bad of you! ¿no te da vergüenza?
it's really too bad of him! ¡realmente no tiene vergüenza!
he's led a thoroughly bad life many parents find it hard to discourage bad behaviour
to feel bad about sth (sorry)
I feel bad about hurting his feelings me sabe mal haber herido sus sentimientos; (guilty) are you trying to make me feel bad? ¿estás intentando hacer que me sienta culpable?; don't feel bad (about it), it's not your fault no te preocupes, no es culpa tuya
I feel bad about it
8 (ailing)
I feel bad me siento mal; he has a bad back está mal de la espalda
to be in a bad way
the economy is in a bad way la economía va mal; he looked in a bad way tenía mal aspecto
9 (rotten) [+food] podrido; [+milk] cortado; [+tooth] picado
I think the milk's bad
to go bad pasarse; estropearse
they bought too much meat and it went bad
10 (Economics) [+cheque] sin fondos
a bad cheque
a bad debt una deuda incobrable or de pago dudoso
you need at least ten pounds to go to the cinema these days, and that's bad that music's really bad, baby
lo malo
parents can have a powerful influence for good or bad los padres pueden tener mucha influencia para lo bueno y para lo malo; there's good and bad in this news esta noticia tiene su lado bueno y su lado malo; there is both good and bad in every human being hay una parte buena y una parte mala en cada ser humano
he can't tell the difference between good and bad everything we've been through, both the good and the bad
to take the bad with the good aceptar tanto lo bueno como lo malo
things can't always be how you want them to be - you must learn to take the bad with the good
he's hurt bad está malherido; she took it bad se lo tomó a mal; if you want it that bad you can pay for it yourself si tanto lo quieres, comprátelo tú; to need sth real bad necesitar algo desesperadamente
I got stung real bad by a bee yesterday to have it bad
the way she looks at him, you can tell she's got it bad por la forma en que lo mira, se nota que está colada por él (informal)
to be in bad with sb
he's in bad with the law tiene problemas con la ley
I'm an antique dealer, in bad with the law, and I should know you'll get me in bad with Matron, you will
"Malo" shortened to "mal"
Malo must be shortened to mal before a masculine singular noun:
He was in a bad mood Estaba de mal humor
Position of "malo"
Mal/Mala etc precedes the noun in general comments. Here, there is no comparison, implied or explicit, with something better:
I'm afraid I have some bad news for you Me temo que traigo malas noticias para usted
I've had a bad day today Hoy he tenido un mal día
Malo/Mala etc follows the noun when there is an implicit or explicit comparison with something good:
... his only bad day in the race ... ... su único día malo en la carrera ...
Ser/Estar malo
Use malo with ser to describe inherent qualities and characteristics:
Smoking is bad for your health Fumar es malo para la salud
This is a very bad film Esta película es malísima
Use malo with estar to describe unpleasant food or else to mean "unwell":
The food was really bad La comida estaba malísima
He's been unwell lately Ha estado malo últimamente
Estar mal
Use estar with the adverb mal to give a general comment on a situation that seems bad or wrong:
Cheating in your exams is really bad Está muy mal que copies en los exámenes
In the space of an hour I've signed fifty books. Not bad En una hora he firmado cincuenta libros. No está mal
I managed to come second, which wasn't bad He conseguido acabar segundo, lo que no estuvo mal
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