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Listen to an audio pronunciation
Listen to an audio pronunciation
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (harsh)
a. severo (punishment or criticism)
I think the punishment was too severe for a child.Yo creo que el castigo fue demasiado severo para un niño.
b. duro (punishment or criticism)
The play received severe criticism.La obra recibió duras críticas.
c. riguroso (rules)
Some parents impose rules that are too severe upon their children.Algunos padres imponen unas reglas demasiado rigurosas a sus hijos.
2. (critical)
a. grave (illness or problem)
There's still no treatment available for this severe illness.Todavía no existe un tratamiento para esta grave enfermedad.
b. serio (problem or consequences)
She was involved in a severe car accident that put her in a coma.Estuvo involucrada en un serio accidente de carro que la dejó en coma.
3. (extreme)
a. duro (weather or winter)
The north of the country is experiencing severe weather conditions.El norte del país se halla expuesto a condiciones climáticas duras.
b. riguroso (weather or winter)
We should brace ourselves for a long and severe winter.Debemos prepararnos para un largo y riguroso invierno.
c. fuerte (pain or frost)
She suffers from severe headaches.Padece de fuertes dolores de cabeza.
d. grande (pain or shortage)
The pipe burst resulted in a severe loss of pressure.La rotura de la tubería ocasionó una gran pérdida de presión.
4. (demanding)
a. duro (situation or training)
Having to live in different countries was a severe test for their relationship.Tener que vivir en países distintos fue una prueba difícil para su relación.
b. difícil (situation or training)
The soldiers had to endure severe training.Los soldados tuvieron que soportar un entrenamiento difícil.
5. (stern)
a. severo (look or expression)
The coach had a severe look on her face after losing the game.La entrenadora tenía una mirada severa después de perder el partido.
b. serio (look or expression)
Despite her severe appearance, she is a very warm person.A pesar de su apariencia tan seria, ella es una persona muy cálida.
6. (plain)
a. sobrio (style)
Their new house has a modern and severe style.Su nueva casa tiene un estilo moderno y sobrio.
b. austero
An offensive word or phrase used to degrade a person or group of people based on race, gender, sexual preference, etc. (e.g. ghetto).
(style or suit)
The suit she was wearing was too severe. It looked like a uniform.El traje que llevaba puesto era demasiado austero. Parecía un uniforme.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (harsh; person, punishment, criticism)
a. severo(a)
2. (pain)
a. fuerte, intenso(a)
3. (illness)
a. grave
4. (austere; style, architecture)
a. sobrio(a)
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severe [sɪˈvɪəʳ]
severer (comparative)severest (superlative)
1 (serious) [+problem, consequence, damage] grave; serio
The potential [consequences] are quite severe The blast caused severe [damage] and heavy loss of life
[+injury, illness] grave
It poses a severe [problem] for the Soviet leadership ...the after-effects of burns and severe [injuries] He suffered severe [burns] to his legs and face ...a severe case of concussion ...recovery from severe [illness]
[+defeat, setback, shortage] serio
...the Communist Party has suffered several severe [defeats] The party suffered a severe setback in the elections ...the severe [shortages] of goods in Romania's shops
[+blow, reprimand] fuerte; duro
The death of President Pompidou dealt a severe [blow] to the Gaullists he received a severe reprimand from his commanding officer they were given a severe ticking-off by their form master
[+pain, headache] fuerte
Steve passed out on the floor and woke up in severe [pain] there is usually severe abdominal [pain] and diarrhoea The migraines were severe and lasted two to three days at a time
I suffered from severe bouts of depression padecía profundas or serias depresiones; many families suffered severe hardship as a consequence muchas familias sufrieron enormes penurias a consecuencia de ello
a period of severe wage restraint
we have been under severe pressure to cut costs nos han presionado mucho para reducir gastos; to suffer a severe loss of blood sufrir gran pérdida de sangre
the patient has suffered a severe loss of blood and will take some time to recover
severe losses (Economics) enormes or cuantiosas pérdidas (f)
This may have accounted for our severe [losses]
2 (harsh) [+weather, conditions, winter] duro; riguroso
they often faced severe (weather) conditions during their expedition the weather has been most severe in Northern Scotland
[+cold] extremo
Birds should be provided with food and water during severe [winter] weather My suffering is aggravated by the severe [cold] * The start of the year brought a very severe [winter]
[+storm, flooding, frost] fuerte
...a particularly severe [storm] ...a severe hurricane ...leaves tough enough to withstand severe [frost] there has been severe flooding in many areas Towns in the eastern part of the country have been cut off by severe flooding
3 (strict) [+person, penalty] severo; [+discipline] estricto
She was a harsh mother and imposed severe discipline
I was his severest critic yo era su crítico más severo; to be severe with sb ser severo con algn
I hope the magistrate has not been too severe with him
4 (austere) [+person, appearance, expression] severo; adusto
In spite of her severe exterior, she was actually a kind person ...a severe and humourless man She wore a habitually severe [expression] Miss Grant gazed at him in a severe [manner] He spoke to her in a severe [voice]
[+clothes, style] austero
Her style of dress was somewhat severe ...a picture of a man in the severe costume of a 17th-century Puritan
[+hairstyle] (de corte) serio
she had her hair cut into a severe bob she had always favoured a rather severe hairstyle
[+architecture] sobrio
...severe Romanesque architecture
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