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1. (amusement) 
a. el juego (M) 
I love all games, but hide-and-seek is my favorite.Me encantan todos los juegos, pero el escondite es mi favorito.
2. (sport) 
We're getting together for a game of soccer.Nos vamos a reunir para jugar un partido de fútbol.
3. (games) 
Anyone for a game of cards?¿A quién le apetece una partida de cartas?
4. (in a tennis match) 
a. el juego (M) 
He won the set six games to three.Ganó el set por seis juegos a tres.
5. (style of play) 
a. el juego (M) 
She trained hard and improved her game for the tournament.Entrenó mucho y mejoró su juego para el torneo.
6. (hunted animals) 
a. la caza (F) 
Lions are one type of big game.Los leones son un tipo de caza mayor.
7. (business) 
He's been in the finance game for a long time.Lleva mucho tiempo en el negocio de las finanzas.
8. (scheme) 
a. el juego (M) 
He's not playing her game any longer.Ya no le sigue el juego más.
9. (colloquial) (in the mood) 
a. no direct translation 
That guy is always game for anything.Ese tipo siempre está dispuesto a hacer lo que sea.
We are going out for dinner. Are you game?Vamos a salir a cenar, ¿te apuntas?
1. (activity, sport) 
a. el juego (M) 
2. (of cards, chess) 
a. la partida (F) 
3. (match; of soccer, tennis, golf) 
a. el partido (M) 
game, set, and matchjuego, set y partido
gamesjuegos mpl
4. (general) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
politics is just a game to themla política no es más que un juego para ellos
game showconcurso televisivo
game theoryteoría de juegos
5. (in hunting) 
a. la caza (F) 
game reservecoto de caza
6. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
to play the gamejugar limpio
two can play at that gamedonde las dan las toman
to beat somebody at his own gamevencer a alguien con sus propias armas
to play games with somebodyjugar con alguien
to give the game awaydesvelar el secreto
what's his game?¿qué pretende?
I know what your game issé a qué estás jugando
the game's up for himpara él se acabó lo que se daba
I've been in this game a long timellevo mucho tiempo metido en esto
7. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
to be on the gamehacer la calle
8. (brave) 
a. valiente 
to be game (to do something)estar dispuesto(a; a hacer algo)
9. (fam old-fashioned) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
a game leguna pata chula
game [ɡeɪm]
1 (entertainment) juego (m)
it's only a game no es más que un juego
a playful game of hide-and-seek it's all part of the game
a game of chance/skill un juego de azar/de habilidad
to [make] a game of sth there are endless ways to make a game out of practice Demiris' mathematical mind made a game of exacting retribution tyo make a game of it, she painted bright pictures on scraps of paper - boxer had to recognize what the picture was supposed to be
to play the game jugar limpio
I'm perfectly straight with him, but he's not playing the game
(match) [of football, rugby, cricket, tennis] partido (m); (within tennis set) juego (m); [of cards, chess, snooker] partida (f)
he failed to turn up for a game of bridge
to have or play a game of football jugar un partido de fútbol; he plays a good game of football juega bien al fútbol; to have or play a game of chess echar or jugar una partida de ajedrez
England's first game of the season is a friendly against Spain
they were (one) game all (Tennis) iban iguales or empatados a un juego
game, set and match juego, set y partido
game to Johnston juego a Johnston
we were game [all] to [go to] game
(type of sport) deporte (m)
football is not my game el fútbol no se me da bien
2 games (contest) juegos (m); (Britain) (Educ) deportes (m)
the Olympic Games los Juegos Olímpicos; las Olimpiadas; I was no good at games no se me daban bien los deportes; we have games on Thursdays los jueves tenemos deportes
we've got games at 2 o'clock the [Panamerican] Games
3 (style of play)
my game picked up in the second set empecé a mejorar el juego en el segundo set
he was having a splendid game in central midfield [off] one's game
to be off one's game no estar en forma
"Bjorn Borg should not be out on a tennis court losing to the likes of Jordi Arrese" - "/he was off his game that day/"
to put sb off his/her game afectar la forma de jugar de algn; hacer jugar mal a algn
he has battled with asthma since he first kicked a ball as a boy, but /he has never allowed it to put him off his game/ his eyebrows will rise quizzically as you pick the correct club for that vital hole, /putting just enough doubt into your head to put you off your game/
4 (Hunting) (large animals) caza (f) mayor; (birds, small animals) caza (f) menor
/as men who shot game for food/, they were natural marksmen
5 (scheme) juego (m)
I'll play his game for a while voy a seguirle el juego un rato
don't play his game
we know his little game le conocemos el jueguecillo (informal); what's your game? ¿qué estás tramando?
I wonder what his game is? until now the Americans have been playing a very delicate political game
to beat sb at his/her own game ganar a algn con sus propias armas
customers who spent four hours haggling with a double glazing salesman may sue after beating him at his own game and getting the price down, only to have the company refuse to carry out the work he must anticipate the moves of the other lawyers and beat them at their own game
to give the game away descubrir el pastel (informal)
the faces of the two conspirators gave the game away la expresión de su rostro delató a los dos conspiradores; la expresión del rostro de los dos conspiradores hizo que se descubriera el pastel (informal)
she'd never been to a posh restaurant and was afraid she might give the game away
two can play at that game donde las dan las toman
to play a double game Franklin was playing a difficult double game, trying to remain in the good graces of the President without losing the affection of the kinsman he had admired since boyhood I learned she had been playing a double game; passing back information she collected to a man named Laszlo Kovacs
the game is up se acabó el juego (informal)
they saw the game was up Pat floated his single-engined Piper Challenger down over the gang, and the Ford Orion they had just dumped - the dastardly crew realised their game was up they know the whole set-up, how we've been doing it from start to finish. I'm sorry, but /I think the game's up as far as using Stockholm as a staging-post is concerned/
the game is not worth the candle la cosa no vale la pena
the only game in town la mejor alternativa
(joke) juego (m)
this isn't a game esto no es ningún juego
you must be very careful before you write that letter. This is not a game Neil, what are you doing? This isn't a game
don't play games with me! ¡no juegues conmigo!; he's just playing silly games no está más que jugando
many people regard life as a game: you win some, you lose some to [have] a game with don't take it the wrong way - he's only having a game with you to [make] a game of sth there are endless ways to make a game out of practice Demiris' mathematical mind made a game of exacting retribution to make a game of it, she painted bright pictures on scraps of paper - boxer had to recognize what the picture was supposed to be
(business) negocio (m)
how long have you been in this game? ¿cuánto tiempo llevas metido en este negocio?; ¿cuánto tiempo hace que trabajas en esto?; she's new to this game esto es nuevo para ella
that's what the game's all about for investors risks are part of the game
to be ahead of the game llevar ventaja; llevar la delantera
don't leave things to the last moment - be one step ahead of the game racing is not a sport in which you can quit when you're ahead of the game I'm not worried about the competition because we're so far ahead of the game he has been beating me at chess for years. I know his style - always three moves ahead of the game to have the game in one's hands
to be on the game hacer la calle (informal)
(trouble) lata (informal) (f)
it was a game getting here! ¡menuda lata para llegar aquí! (informal)
what a game this is!
are you game? ¿te animas?; ¿te apuntas?; I'm game if you are si tú te animas, yo también; to be game to do sth estar dispuesto a hacer algo
after all this time he had new ideas and was game to try them
to be game for anything apuntarse a cualquier cosa or a todo
oh Kate'll come. she's game for anything he said he's game for a similar challenge next year
intransitive verb
(gamble) jugar por dinero; (por dinero)
game bird (n) ave (f) de caza
/the sauce is good with other game birds/ too, not just with pheasant
game fish (n) pez de agua dulce pescado como deporte
the killer pike, a 30-pound game fish terrorizing this little pond
game fishing (n) pesca deportiva de peces de agua dulce
to go game fishing one of those fast big game fishing boats
game laws (n) leyes (f) relativas a la caza
he found a big herd in the end, and flew round and round it to give me a better look, which caused a stampede and was against the game laws African governments have kept colonial game laws the worst of the hunters ignored the game laws
game park (n) parque (m) natural; reserva (f) natural
it is against the law to get out of a car in a game park there were mere handfuls of black rhino left in Kenya's game parks in the 1980s
game pie (n) empanada elaborada con una pieza de caza mayor o menor
in the 19th Century, the meat or game pies began to lose their importance as potatoes rather than pastry became more popular as the ideal accompaniment to meat
game plan (n) (Dep) plan (m) de juego; estrategia (f)
Leeds kept quiet, stuck to their game plan and quietly racked up the points some weeks, their game plan will include more than a hundred pass plays what's the game plan? we could draw up a solid game plan that could be implemented the minute we took over the company if he has a game plan for winning the deal, only he understands it he is unlikely to alter his game plan knowing you, Deirdre, you already have a game plan figured out in that cunning brain of yours he'll deliver a five-minute speech on his game plan to get the nation back on track
game preserve game reserve (n) coto (m) de caza
many already set aside part of their land for private game reserves hosting small groups of tourists the Masai Mari game reserve
game show (n) programa (m) concurso
he came over a bit like a game show host his wife and three daughters were all engrossed in a game show on television
games master (n) profesor (m) de deportes
games mistress (n) profesora (f) de deportes
game theory (n) teoría (f) de juegos
conflict situations, such as war and poker, are analyzed by sociologists, and in mathematical terms by newer disciplines, such as game theory
game warden (n) guarda (m) de coto or de caza
her husband is a game warden at Woburn Safari Park park rangers and game wardens will join hunters to shoot bison that wander out of their Yellowstone National Park home
game [ɡeɪm]
to have a game leg tener una pierna coja
Tom would have been a sailor too, but for his game leg he danced well although he had a game leg
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