Spanish Future Perfect Subjunctive

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Like the future subjunctive, the future perfect subjunctive (el futuro compuesto del subjuntivo) is rarely used in modern Spanish. However, as you may see it in literature and legal documents, it is definitely a useful tense to be able to recognize. It is used to indicate actions that will have happened in the future at a certain point. Nowadays, the future perfect subjunctive is often replaced by the past perfect subjunctive or the present perfect subjunctive.

Future Perfect Subjunctive Forms

The future perfect subjunctive is formed by combining the future subjunctive of the verb haberwith a past participle.

Future Perfect Subjunctive Formula:

future subjunctive of haber + past participle

In case you've forgotten, here's how to form haber in the future subjunctive:

Haber in the Future Subjunctive

SubjectVerb Conjugations
él, ella, usted
ellos, ellas, ustedes

The nosotros form of the future subjunctive often has a tilde.

Examples: hubiéremos, supiéremos

Future Perfect Subjunctive Examples

As we've mentioned, the future perfect subjunctive is rarely used in modern Spanish. You're really only likely to come across it in legal documents or older works of literature. Here are a few examples of the future perfect subjunctive that you might come across in the world of legal jargon.

Si la defensa por cualquier razón no hubiere presentado sus argumentos iniciales, puede hacerlo después de que la acusación hubiere terminado la presentación de su caso.
If the defense for whatever reason has not presented its opening arguments, it may do so after the prosecution has finished presenting its case.
Sólo se considerarán las boletas en las que aparezcan los nombres de los senadores cuya candidatura se hubiere presentado.
Only ballots on which the names of senators who have already announced their candidacy will be considered.
Los asuntos que se hubiere acordado tramitar por el procedimiento de urgencia tendrán prioridad.
Priority will be given to those matters that fall under the emergency procedures provision.
No será admisible un reclamo cuando en los dos meses anteriores se hubiere presentado y respondido un reclamo igual o similar.
A complaint is considered inadmissible if an identical or similar complaint has been submitted and responded to within a period of two months prior to its submission.

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