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Meaning of "Dame tu cosita" in English

Meaning of "Dame tu cosita" in English

Quick Answer

dame tu cosita = give it to me

Curious about the meaning of the lyrics to the saucy earworm Dame tu cosita in English? Read on to find out more!

Translation of Dame tu cosita

Dame tu cosita, ah ah.
Give it to me, ah ah.
Dame tu cosita, ah ay.
Give it to me, ah oh.

Though the literal translation of the word "cosita" is innocent enough (it means "little thing"), the chorus of this ditty is dripping with sexual innuendo. Just like the "it" in the English translation given above, "cosita" most likely refers to someone's genitalia, so this song isn't really one for the kids.

The Challenge

The popularity of "Dame tu cosita" skyrocketed after a video of a green alien dancing to the song began making the rounds online. People began challenging each other to imitate the alien's smooth moves, and the cultural cachet of "Dame tu cosita" was cemented.

El Chombo

This isn't the first time El Chombo, the Panamanian artist responsible for "Dame tu cosita," has ventured into earworm territory. His songs "Chacarrón" and "El gato volador" are just as catchy, so check them out if you're looking for another fun tune in Spanish!


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