Meaning of "MIA" in English

Quick Answer

mía= mine or my girl

What Does MIA Mean?

Not to be confused with the English acronym MIA (Missing in Action), the title of the Bad Bunny (feat. Drake) song MIAis simply the possessive pronoun mía written in all caps.

So why the caps? Well, according to the lyrics of MIA, the nena (girl) Bad Bunny and Drake are singing about is codiciada (very popular), and they want the world to know she's theirs. Take a look at the English translation of the beginning of MIA to see what we mean.

Porque todos te quieren probar.
Because everyone wants to try you.
Lo que no saben es que no te dejas llevar de cualquiera.
What they don't know is you don't get swept away by just anyone.
Y todos te quieren probar.
And they all want to try you.
Lo que no saben es que hoy yo te voy a buscar.
What they don't know is today I'm coming for you.

Translation of Mía

The possessive pronoun mía can be translated as mine or my girl. Bad Bunny and Drake repeat the word mía no less than twenty-four times throughout the song, so singing along with them is a perfect way to learn this word!

Dile que tú eres mía, mía.
Tell them that you're mine, mine.
Tú sabes que eres mía, mía.
You know that you're mine, mine.