Easter in the Spanish-Speaking World

Quick Answer

Easter (la Pascua) takes place during the spring and is a very important religious holiday. Keep reading to learn more about this springtime celebration!

easter eggs with various designs and colors

What is la Pascua?

Easter is celebrated during the spring, between the twenty-second of March and the twenty-fifth of April, depending on the lunar cycle. Given that Catholicism is the official religion in many Latin American countries, this holiday holds great significance in many cultures. It is common to attend religious ceremonies each day of la Semana Santa(Holy Week). Many countries have adopted commercial traditions as well, such as holding Easter egg hunts and giving gifts from the Easter Bunny (el conejo de Pascua).

The table below shows some common Easter traditions found throughout el mundo hispanohablante(the Spanish-speaking world):

Visiting twelve different churches in one day to demonstrate religious devotionMexico
Burning papier-mâché versions of Judas(Judas) and other historical figuresSpain, Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile
Sprinkling colorful sawdust in intricate patterns to form alfombras(carpets)El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
Taking a vacation to the beach during Holy WeekLatin America
Exchanging chocolate Easter eggs and going on Easter egg huntsArgentina

Vocabulary Related to Easter

The table below lists a few vocabulary words that are related to Easter:

Vocabulary WordTranslation
la búsqueda de los huevos
egg hunt
la cesta
el conejito
el cristianismo
la cruz
la Cuaresma
el Domingo de Ramos
Palm Sunday
el Domingo de Resurrección
Easter Sunday
el dulceo el caramelocandy
¡Felices Pascuas!o ¡Feliz Pascua!Happy Easter!
la primavera
el ramo
la Semana Santa
Holy Week
el Viernes Santo
Good Friday