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1. ala (f) (of bird, plane)
  • to take somebody under one's wing (sentido figurado) poner a alguien bajo la propia tutela, apadrinar a alguien
  • to spread or stretch one's wings (sentido figurado) remontar el vuelo, echarse al ruedo
  • wing nut palomilla (f)
2. aleta (f) (of car) (británico)
  • wing mirror (espejo (m) ) retrovisor (m) lateral
3. ala (f) (of building, hospital)
4. banda (f) (in soccer, rugby) (area); extremo (mf) lateral (sustantivo masculino) (player)
  • wing forward ala (m) delantero (in rugby)
5. (in theater)
  • the wings los bastidores
  • to be waiting in the wings esperar entre bastidores; (actor) esperar su oportunidad (sentido figurado)
6. (política)
  • the left/right wing la izquierda/derecha
transitive verb
7. herir en el ala (injure) (bird); herir en el brazo (person)
8. (familiar) (improvise)
  • to wing it improvisar
9. (fly) (bird)
  • to wing its way toward volar hacia
  • my report should be winging its way toward you (sentido figurado) mi informe or reporte ya está en camino (Am)
wing [wɪŋ]
1 [of bird] ala (f)
the bird spread its wings el pájaro extendió las alas
to be on the wing estar volando
to shoot a bird on the wing matar un pájaro al vuelo; on the wings of fantasy en alas de la fantasía
to take wing irse volando; alzar el vuelo
to clip sb's wings cortar las alas a algn
to do sth on a wing and a prayer hacer algo con Dios y ayuda
to stretch or spread one's wings empezar a volar
to take sb under one's wing dar amparo a algn; tomar a algn bajo su protección
2 [of chair] orejera (f); oreja (f)
3 (Dep) (position) extremo (m); ala (f); (player) extremoaextrema (m) (f);a extrema aleroaalera (m) (f);a alera
4 (Archit) ala (f)
the east/west wing el ala este/oeste
5 (section) ala (f)
the left wing of the party el ala izquierda del partido
6 (Britain) (Aut) aleta (f)
7 wings (Teat) bastidores (m)
to be waiting in the wings esperar entre bastidores
transitive verb
to wing one's way: soon they were airborne and winging their way south poco tiempo después iban (transportados) por aire en dirección sur
your prize will soon be winging its way to you
2 (wound) [+bird] tocar en el ala; herir en el ala; [+person] herir en el brazo/hombro
He was winged by a sniper
to wing it (Teat) also improvisar sobre la marcha
He doesn't come to the studio with the songs ready to record. He just likes to wing it and see where the spirit takes him Usually, I would try to wing it: ask them whether they thought the minister had done well and see if I could guess which party they were from The firm didn't have the 10 years it would take to see if the government of Romania really was a safe investment, and so they winged it and hoped nobody would notice
wing case (n) (Zool) élitro (m)
wing chair (n) butaca (f) de orejas; butaca (f) orejera
wing collar (n) cuello (m) de puntas
wing commander (n) teniente (m) coronel de aviación
wing mirror (n) retrovisor (m)
wing nut (n) tuerca (f) mariposa
wing tip (n) punta (f) del ala
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