1. (body of water) 
a. la ola (F) 
The children played in the waves at the beach.Los niños jugaban en las olas en la playa.
2. (curl in hair) 
a. la onda (F) 
Her hair fell in waves to her shoulders.Su cabello caía en ondas hasta sus hombros.
3. (physics) 
a. la onda (F) 
Radio waves travel further at night.Las ondas de radio viajan más lejos de noche.
4. (sudden occurrence) 
a. la oleada (F) 
A wave of apprehension swept over the city as the hurricane approached.Una oleada de temor recorrió la ciudad a la medida que se acercaba el huracán.
5. (movement of the hand) 
a. el gesto (M) 
With a wave of his hand, he shooed me away while he was reading.Con un gesto de la mano, me despidió mientras estaba leyendo.
b. el saludo (M) 
The baby gave a wave to say "hello."El bebé dio un saludo con la mano para decir "hola".
intransitive verb
6. (to move the hand) 
He waved as the bus pulled into the station.Saludó con la mano mientras el autobús llegaba a la estación.
7. (to rock in the wind) 
a. ondear 
The flag waved softly in the gentle breeze.La bandera ondeaba suavemente en la brisa ligera.
8. (to attract attention) 
My boss waved at me to come over and greet the client.Mi jefe me hizo señas de que me acercara a saludar al cliente.
transitive verb
9. (to move something back and forth) 
a. agitar 
The lion tamer waved a stick at the cage.El domador de leones agitó un palo en la dirección de la jaula.
1. (of water) 
a. la ola (F) 
2. (of troops, crime) 
a. la oleada (F) 
3. (in hair) 
a. la onda (F) (physics) 
4. (of emotion) 
a. el arranque (M) 
5. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to make wavesalborotar, armar jaleo
wave powerenergía de las olas
6. (gesture) 
a. el saludo (con la mano) (M) 
transitive verb
7. (flag, stick) 
a. agitar 
to wave one's arms aboutagitar los brazos
to wave goodbye to somebodydecir adiós a alguien con la mano
to have one's hair wavedondularse el pelo
intransitive verb
8. (person) 
a. saludar (con la mano) 
to wave to somebodysaludar a alguien con la mano
9. (flag) 
a. ondear 
wave [weɪv]
1 (in sea, lake) ola (f)
life on the ocean wave la vida en el or la mar
to make waves (make an impression) causar sensación; (stir up trouble) crear problemas
he'd recently been making waves on the production end of the business a top designer is making waves with his latest invention playboy covergirl Pamela Anderson is sure to make waves when she joins a new line-up of perfect bodies on the beach in TV's Baywatch I don't want to make waves or upset people if we keep our heads down and don't make waves our jobs might be OK producer Jonathan King made waves when he told radio listeners that Scotland was the pits
2 (in hair) onda (f)
her hair has a natural wave (in it) tiene el pelo ondulado por naturaleza
her hair fell in waves round her face
3 (on surface) ondulación (f)
4 (Fís) (Rad) onda (f)
long/medium/short wave onda larga/media/corta
5 (in brain) onda (f)
your brain produces small rapid, irregular waves
6 (surge) [of strikes, refugees, enthusiasm] oleada (f)
the recent wave of bombings la reciente oleada de bombardeos
this led to us having three overlapping waves of redundancies a wave of refugees is flooding into the camps successive waves of immigrants recurrent waves of unrest this sent waves of apprehension around an already demoralized staff this was responsible for the initial waves of enthusiasm this absurd image sent waves of anxiety rippling through American hearts this sent a fresh wave of panic through the market waves of panic spread through the queue she felt a wave of panic
a wave of panic swept over me me invadió el pánico
a wave of sympathy for her swept Ireland the current wave of violence the Allied forces have begun a fresh wave of bombing raids against Iraq another wave of pain and nausea swept over him a terrible wave of pain filled his head
in the first wave of the attack en la primera oleada del ataque
they did not lose any aircraft in the first wave of raids 100,000 jobs could be privatized in the first wave of the revolution rebel forces have launched a second wave of attacks to come [in] waves the loneliness and grief comes in waves
the pain comes in waves el dolor va y viene
the [new] wave
7 (wave of hand) gesto (m) de la mano
he dismissed me with a wave of the hand me echó con un gesto de la mano
he silenced her with a wave
with a wave he was gone hizo un gesto con la mano para despedirse y se fue
with a wave of his hand he got in the car and drove off he invited me to sit down with a wave of his hand desapareció con un solo gesto de la mano ademán (de la mano)
to give sb a wave (in greeting) saludar a algn con la mano; (saying goodbye) decir adiós a algn con la mano
Paddy spotted Mary Ann and gave her a cheery wave Nakasone gave a friendly wave to the crowd Harry's car went off, Caroline giving them a wave from the back seat
8 (US)
Mexican wave See culture box in entry Mexican.
transitive verb
1 (shake, brandish) [+flag, handkerchief, placard] agitar
the crowd were there to welcome her, waving flags and cheering Some people even waved placards saying "Bring back,Maggie"
[+weapon, spear, stick] blandir; agitar
don't wave it about! people were waving hats and handkerchiefs
he was waving his arms in the air agitaba los brazos en el aire
the dog lay on its back waving its paws in the air one of the men dashed towards them waving his spear to wave a [hand] (to sb) she was waving her hands in the air trying to attract my attention Castro waved a hand in a gesture of dismissal he waved a hand impatiently/dismissively she waved a hand towards one of two doors
he saw Jarvis, and waved a hand (to catch attention) vio a Jarvis y le hizo señas con la mano; she waved her hand for silence hizo un gesto con la mano para que se callaran; he waved a piece of paper at her le hizo señas agitando un papel que llevaba en la mano; he waved the ticket under my nose agitó el billete delante de mis narices; to wave one's/a magic wand agitar su varita mágica
I wish I could wave a magic wand and give you the confidence you need
2 (gesture)
she waved a greeting to the crowd he waved his thanks
to wave sb goodbye wave goodbye to sb decir adiós a algn con la mano
he waved us over to his table he waved the servants out of the room
he waved the car through the gates le indicó al coche que entrara por el portón
3 (Hairdressing)
it's used for waving hair se utiliza para hacer ondas (en el pelo); to have one's hair waved hacerse ondas (en el pelo)
she had her hair waved
intransitive verb
1 [+person]
I saw her and waved la vi y la saludé con la mano; we waved as the train drew out cuando partió el tren nos dijimos adiós con la mano; Ralph waved for silence Ralph hizo un gesto con la mano para que se callaran; to wave to or at sb (sign to) hacer señas a algn con la mano; (greet) saludar a algn con la mano; (say goodbye to) decir adiós a algn con la mano
she waved to them to be quiet and listen. the king waved at to the crowd we waved at to them from the train his mother waved to him
2 (sway) [+flag] ondear; [+branches, grass] mecerse
she leaned out of the window, arms waving fields of wheat waving in the wind
wave energy (n) energía (f) mareomotriz
wave frequency (n) frecuencia (f) de las ondas
the wave frequency of light from some luminous object - a star, for example audio/carrier wave frequency
wave mechanics (n) mecánica (f) ondulatoria
wave power (n) energía (f) mareomotriz
an admitted error by the Department of Energy in wave power costs makes this source of energy attractive again
wave range (n) (Rad) gama (f) de ondas
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heat wave
la ola de calor
tidal wave
el maremoto
wave your hand
saludar con la mano
wave goodbye
wave goodbye to
despedirse de
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