Wall in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. pared (f) (interior); muro (m) (exterior, freestanding); tapia (f) (of garden, around building); muralla (f) (of town, city)
  • the Great wall of China la Gran Muralla china
  • wall cupboard alacena (f)
  • wall hanging tapiz (m)
2. (idioms)
  • a wall of silence un muro de silencio
  • to go to the wall irse al traste
  • to drive somebody up the wall (familiar) hacer que alguien se suba por las paredes
wall [wɔːl]
1 (interior) also (Anat) pared (f); (outside) muro (m); [of city] muralla (f); (garden wall) tapia (f)
the Great Wall of China la Gran Muralla China; the north wall of the Eiger la pared norte del Eiger
to come up against a brick wall tener por delante una barrera infranqueable
talking to him is like talking to a brick wall hablar con él es como hablar a la pared
to do sth off the wall especially (US) hacer algo espontáneamente or de improviso
to climb or crawl up the walls (from boredom, frustration) subirse por las paredes (informal)
it drives me up the wall me saca de quicio
to go up the wall (get angry) ponerse furioso
to go to the wall [+firm] ir a la bancarrota; quebrar
walls have ears las paredes oyen
2 (Dep) [of players] barrera (f)
3 barrera (f)
to break the wall of silence romper el muro or la barrera del silencio
[+cupboard, light, clock] de pared; [+map, painting] mural
wall bars (n) (Dep) espalderas (f)
wall hanging (n) tapiz (m)
wall socket (n) enchufe (m) de pared
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