1. (plural) (Spain) 
a. you (subject) 
¿Fuisteis vosotros los que han preparado la cena?Were you the ones who prepared dinner?
b. you (after preposition or comparisons) 
He preparado un pastel especialmente para vosotros.I have baked a cake specially for you.
vosotros, -as
personal pronoun
Usually omitted in Spanish except for emphasis or contrast.
1. you (peninsular Spanish)(plural)
  • vosotros, -as bailáis muy bien you dance very well
  • son más fuertes que vosotros, -as they're stronger than you
VOSOTROS In Spain, there are two ways to express the second person plural: one implies familiarity with the audience (vosotros) while the other indicates more courtesy (“ustedes”). Vosotros takes the verb in the second person plural, and “ustedes” the third person plural. This double option does not exist in Latin America, where the only form available is “ustedes”, except in the religious liturgy, where vosotros is sometimes retained.
vosotrosas vosotras
especialmente (España)
1 (sujeto) you familiar form of address; (familiar form of address)
vosotros vendréis conmigo you'll come with me; hacedlo vosotros mismos do it yourselves
2 (después de prep, en comparaciones) you
lo he comprado para vosotros I've bought it for you; ¿no pedís nada para vosotros? aren't you going to ask for anything for yourselves?; lo han hecho mejor que vosotras they've done it better than you; irán sin vosotros they'll go without you
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