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masculine noun
1. tomato (fruto)
  • ponerse como un tomate to go as red as a beetroot o (British) beet (United States)
  • tomate frito = unconcentrated puree made by frying peeled tomatoes
  • tomate ketchup tomato ketchup
2. hole (informal) (de calcetín)
3. uproar, commotion (informal) (jaleo)
1 tomato
salsa de tomate tomato sauce
ponerse como un tomate to turn as red as a beetroot
2 (en calcetín, media) hole
3 (jaleo) fuss; row; (pelea) set-to (familiar)
al final de la noche hubo tomate there was a fight at the end of the evening; ¡qué tomate! what a mess!; esto tiene tomate this is tough; this is a tough one
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