1. (sport) 
a. el blanco (M) 
We played darts and I hit the target twice.Jugamos a los dardos y di dos veces en el blanco.
2. (goal) 
I set myself a target to earn a million dollars by the time I'm 30.Me propuse como objetivo ganar un millón de dólares para los 30.
3. (military) 
The soldier aimed at the target and shot.El soldado apuntó al objetivo y disparó.
4. (person on receiving end) 
a. el blanco (M) 
He's the target of all their jokes.Es el blanco de todas las bromas.
transitive verb
5. (to choose as a target) 
The campaign targets teenagers.La campaña va dirigida a los adolescentes.
They mainly targeted arms factories and military bases.Eligieron como objetivo principalmente fábricas de armamento y bases militares.
6. (to direct) 
a. dirigir 
The new software is targeted at the banking sector.El nuevo software va dirigido al sector bancario.
1. (of bullet, missile, joke) 
a. el blanco m, objetivo (M) 
2. (fig) 
a. la objetivo m, meta (F) (aim, goal) 
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to set oneself a targettrazarse una meta
to be on targetir según lo previsto
to be on target to do somethingir camino de hacer algo
4. (television and radio) 
a. no direct translation 
target audienceaudiencia a la que está orientada la emisión
target languagelengua f de destino or llegada
target marketmercado objeto or objetivo
5. (sport) 
a. no direct translation 
target practiceprácticas de tiro
transitive verb
6. (aim) 
a. no direct translation 
to target something at somethingapuntar algo hacia or a algo
7. (fig) 
a. no direct translation (campaign, tv program, benefits) 
8. (aim at) 
a. apuntar a, tener como objetivo 
target [ˈtɑːɡɪt]
1 (Dep) blanco (m); diana (f); (Mil) objetivo (m)
for missile, projectile etc
for terrorist attack
he missed the target no dio en el blanco or la diana; they deliberately attacked civilian targets atacaron objetivos civiles deliberadamente
we threw knives at targets the missiles missed their target the missile is capable of landing within a half-mile radius of its target they were accused of deliberately hitting civilian targets oil refineries will be a prime target in the event of attack the factory would be a prime target for terrorist strikes /the bombing of strategic targets/ has been only partially effective he assured us that the planes would not be used to attack civilian targets the most important thing was getting the bombs on target as often as possible
an easy target un blanco fácil
a fixed target un blanco fijo
a moving target un blanco móvil
a gun which will enable you to shoot with exceptional accuracy at both fixed and moving targets their aim is to hit moving as well as fixed targets
the shot was off target (Ftbl) (Hockey) etc el tiro iba desviado a gol
the bombs were way off target las bombas cayeron muy lejos del objetivo
the shot was on target (Ftbl) (Hockey) etc el tiro iba directo a gol
a soft target un blanco fácil
a twenty- four-hour guard had been removed from the boat, making it a soft target children are a soft target in the company's aggressive advertising campaign
2 (person on receiving end) [of criticism, remark] blanco (m); [of advertising] objetivo (m)
he has been the target of criticism over his handling of the affair ha sido el blanco de las críticas por su manejo del asunto
social workers are an easy target for criticism yuppies are a prime target group for marketing strategies they are the target of racist abuse the professor had been a frequent target for animal rights activists West Germany had for many years been the main target of Soviet propaganda
this made him a prime target for blackmail esto le convirtió en un blanco perfecto para el chantaje
young people are prime targets for new banking business Yuppies are a prime target group for marketing strategies The village lies beside a main road, making it an easy target for bandits
3 (objective) objetivo (m); meta (f)
production targets for 1980 los objetivos or las metas de producción para 1980
his target is a place in the Olympic team to be [on] target for sth/to do sth we're on target for sales of £10 million this year
the project is on target for completion el proyecto lleva camino de terminarse dentro del plazo previsto
ICL is still on target to make a profit Dazzler recorded 2mins 01.7secs and looks on target to become the fastest horse on the racetrack this season to be ([bang] [dead] [right]) on target for sth the company is bang dead right on target for massive profits this year
to set a target for sth fijar un objetivo para algo
he set a target for spending the government has set a target of 2% for inflation
to set o.s. a target fijarse un objetivo
the company has set itself a difficult target this year you have to set yourself a realistic target - don't try and overdo it He's set himself the target of two years to get back to No. 1
transitive verb
1 (Mil) [+positions, installations] fijar como objetivo
the terrorists targeted military bases weapons which they have targeted on inland airfields
2 (select, single out)
cigarette companies seem to be targeting children intentionally las tabacaleras parecen estar dirigiendo su publicidad a los niños deliberadamente; a mugger who targeted elderly women un atracador que asaltaba en particular a ancianas
to target sth/sb for sth
the government will target high earners for tax increases el gobierno hará recaer la subida de los impuestos particularmente sobre aquellos con sueldos elevados; the factory is targeted for closure se propone cerrar la fábrica
he wants to target the middle class for tax relief local gangs target businesses for extortion and homes for robberies since 1965, the Economic Development Administration (EDA) has targeted communities with high unemployment for the creation of new jobs they intend to target new markets for their products like any other businessman, he targeted his market they have been criticized for targeting children [with] ads for fatty and sugary foods
3 (aim)
to target sth at sb/sth
products targeted at children productos dirigidos a los niños; programs targeted at reducing infant deaths programas que tienen como objetivo reducir el número de muertes infantiles; to target aid at the people who need it concentrar la ayuda en las personas que la necesitan
he'd like to see more clubs targeted at people his age
target area (n) (Mil) zona (f) objetivo
The missiles apparently had unarmed warheads and none caused damage, all landing within designated target areas
target audience (n) público (m) objetivo
target date (n) fecha (f) límite
he has set June 30th as a target date for reaching agreement
target group (n) grupo (m) objetivo; grupo (m) destinatario
target language (n) lengua (f) de destino
target market (n) mercado (m) objetivo
target practice (n) tiro (m) al blanco; prácticas (f) de tiro
target price (n) precio (m) indicativo
target weight (n) peso (m) ideal
when I reached my target weight
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do not turn off target
no apague destino
target audience
el público objetivo
target market
el mercado meta
target language
lengua de destino
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