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1. estúpido(a), idiota
  • don't be stupid! ¡no seas estúpido!
  • how stupid of me! ¡qué tonto(a) soy!
  • what a stupid thing to do! ¡menuda estupidez!
stupid [ˈstjuːpɪd]
1 (unintelligent) [+person] estúpido; tonto; imbécil; [+question, remark, idea] estúpido; tonto; [+mistake, game] tonto; bobo
don't be (so) stupid no seas tonto; I'll never do anything so stupid again nunca volveré a cometer semejante estupidez; don't do anything stupid, will you? no vayas a hacer alguna tontería ¿eh?
I was stupid to do that
it's stupid to leave money lying around es una estupidez or es de tontos dejar el dinero a la vista de todos
to act stupid (pretend to be stupid) hacerse el tonto; (behave stupidly) hacer el tonto
she looks stupid in that hatthat hat looks stupid on her está ridícula con ese sombrero
it looks stupid se ve ridículo; queda ridículo; to make sb look stupid dejar a algn en ridículo
it was stupid of you fue una tontería por tu parte; ¡qué tonto or imbécil fuiste!
it was stupid of me to say that fui tonto al decir eso; cometí una estupidez al decir eso
it was a stupid thing to do fue una tontería or una estupidez
that's the stupidest thing I ever heard jamás he oído semejante tontería or estupidez
It was such a stupid thing to have quarrelled about
2 (insensible, dazed) atontado
to be stupid with tiredness to be stupid with grief to be stupid with sleep
to bore sb stupid matar a algn de aburrimiento
She bores us stupid with her endless chatter
to drink o.s. stupid pillarse una trompa de miedo (informal)
to knock sb stupid dejar a algn atontado or aturdido de un golpe; dejar a algn tonto or lelo de un golpe (informal)
I knocked myself stupid on the pavement He knocked Mason stupid with that great left jab of his
to laugh o.s. stupid partirse de risa (informal)
I [laughed] myself stupid when I read that
3 (pesky) maldito (informal); condenado (informal)
I hate these stupid shoes odio estos malditos or condenados zapatos (informal); you stupid idiot! ¡idiota!; ¡imbécil!; she gets annoyed by stupid little things se molesta por cualquier tontería; se molesta por cualquier chorrada (informal); (Esp)
Sometimes even stupid little things, like a light bulb blowing, make me really upset Even just stupid things like missing a bus get me depressed
(as excl)
don't do that, stupid! ¡no hagas eso, imbécil! (informal); come on, stupid! (said affectionately) ¡venga bobo! (informal)
don't talk stupid! ¡no digas tonterías or estupideces! (informal)
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