transitive verb
1. (to decline) 
a. rechazar 
Peter refused all his friends' offers of help.Peter rechazó todas las ofertas de ayuda de sus amigos.
b. rehusar 
I'm so sorry, but I have to refuse the invitation to your wedding.Me da mucha pena, pero tengo que rehusar la invitación a tu boda.
2. (to not grant) 
a. negar 
I was refused permission to take a vacation because there was a lot of work to do.Me negaron el permiso para irme de vacaciones porque había mucho trabajo por hacer.
b. denegar 
The embassy refused my brother a visa, so he cannot enter the country.La embajada denegó el visado a mi hermano, así que no puede entrar en el país.
3. (to be unwilling; before infinitive) 
a. negarse a 
I refuse to eat this greasy food.Me niego a comer esta comida grasosa.
4. (to not jump) 
a. rehusar 
The horse refused the jump because one of its hooves was cracked.El caballo rehusó el salto porque se le había agrietado uno de los cascos.
intransitive verb
5. (to decline) 
a. negarse 
The offer was so good that I couldn't refuse.La oferta era tan buena que no podía negarme.
6. (to not jump) 
a. rehusar 
When a horse refuses, the best solution is to stop and try again the next day.Cuando un caballo rehúsa, la mejor solución es parar e intentar de nuevo al día siguiente.
7. (trash) 
a. la basura (F) 
The street is full of refuse because of the garbage collectors' strike.La calle está llena de basura debido a la huelga de los servicios de recogida.
There was household refuse all over the countryside.Había desperdicios domésticos por todo el campo.
The toxic waste from the factory has polluted the town's water supply.Los residuos tóxicos de la fábrica han contaminado el suministro de agua del pueblo.
d. los desechos (M) (industrial) 
The company must pay a $20,000 fine for not cleaning up the waste left behind by its workers.La empresa debe pagar una multa de $20,000 por no limpiar los desechos dejados por sus trabajadores.
transitive verb
1. (invitation, offer, request) 
a. rechazar 
to refuse to do somethingnegarse a hacer algo
to refuse somebody somethingdenegar algo a alguien
intransitive verb
2. (person) 
a. negarse 
3. (horse) 
a. rehusar 
refuse [rɪˈfjuːz]
transitive verb
1 (decline) [+offer, chance] rechazar; rehusar; [+applicant] rechazar
it was an offer he couldn't refuse era una oferta que no podía rechazar or rehusar; the patient has the right to refuse treatment el paciente tiene derecho a negarse a someterse a tratamiento; he was devastated when she refused him estaba desolado cuando ella lo rechazó; she refused their invitation to stay to dinner rechazó or no aceptó su invitación para quedarse a cenar; he never refuses a drink nunca dice que no a una copa
I regret to have to refuse your invitation he offered me a second drink which I refused
to refuse to do sth [+person] negarse a hacer algo; he refused to comment after the trial se negó a or rehusó hacer comentarios después del juicio; my legs refused to function mis piernas se negaban a funcionar
the French refused to consider the proposal we pushed with all our might but /the car refused to budge/ I refuse to believe it
2 (not grant) [+request, permission] (gen) negar; (officially) denegar
the police refused permission for the march la policía denegó el permiso or les negó el permiso para hacer la marcha; to refuse sb sth (gen) negar algo a algn; (officially) denegar algo a algn; they were refused permission to leave les negaron autorización para salir; I was refused entry to Malawi me denegaron la entrada a Malaui; they can refuse her nothing no le pueden negar nada
he was refused burial in consecrated ground only the president could refuse him a loan she was refused access to her children the United States has refused him a visa to refuse [o.s.] sth he refused himself the indulgence of another cake why should I refuse myself a treat now and again?
intransitive verb
1 [+person] negarse
I don't see how I can refuse no veo cómo puedo negarme
I asked her to help but she refused I asked for my money back but they refused he expects me to stay on here and /I can hardly refuse/ he fought only because his pension would be jeopardized if he refused. Prince Faisal demanded that the police officer should be put to death. The King refused.
2 [+horse] plantarse
the rider is penalised by 4 points every time the horse refuses
refuse [ˈrefjuːs]
1 (rubbish) basura (f); desperdicios (m)
the District Council made a weekly collection of refuse the pool was half filled with refuse she picked her way past the piles of uncollected refuse
garden refuse desperdicios (m) del jardín
the dustmen will refuse to collect garden refuse
household refuse basura (f) doméstica; residuos (m) domésticos
a disgusting mass of flotsam, household refuse, cardboard cartons, rotten fruit the field had been used as a dump for household refuse
2 (industrial waste) desechos (m); residuos (m)
a nuclear plant's refuse appears as fission products within the fuel rods
refuse bin (n) cubo (m) or bote (m) or tarro (m) de la basura; (LAm)
the baby was found in a refuse bin behind a hotel
refuse chute (n) rampa (f) de desperdicios; rampa (f) de la basura
refuse collection (n) recogida (f) de basura
this department is also responsible for refuse collection each neighbourhood is allotted a different day for refuse collection
refuse collector (n) basurero (m)
the redundant refuse collectors are to be given other jobs the refuse collectors never bothered to take the bags away
refuse disposal (n) eliminación (f) de basuras
the drainage, sewage, refuse disposal and other sanitary services refuse disposal service the refuse disposal service is paid for out of the rates
refuse disposal unit (n) triturador (m) de basura
refuse dump (n)
refuse tip See culture box in entry refuse.
refuse lorry (n) camión (m) de la basura
I witnessed a council refuse lorry crushing a discarded chest freezer
refuse tip (n) vertedero (m); basural (m); (LAm)
the severed leg of a baby girl was discovered on a refuse tip the best thing to do would be to take it down to the local refuse dump
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I refuse to sink
me rehúso a hundirme
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