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sustantivo [ˈprɒdjuːs]
1. productos mpl del campo (food)
  • agricultural/dairy produce productos agrícolas/lácteos
  • produce of Spain producto de España
verbo transitivo [prəˈdjuːs]
2. producir (create) (food, goods); producir, provocar (effect, reaction)
3. presentar, mostrar (present) (ticket, passport); presentar (documents, alibi)
  • she produced a £10 note sacó un billete de 10 libras
4. montar (play); producir (film, radio, TV program)
transitive verb
1 (yield) [+coal, crop, electricity, sound] producir; [+milk] [+farm] producir; [+cow] dar; [+interest] rendir; producir; [+profit, benefits] producir; reportar
the plant produces three harvests a year la planta da tres cosechas al año; friction produces heat la fricción produce calor; oil-producing countries países (m) productores de petróleo
we must produce more coal Scotland produces whisky the mine produces 20 tons of lead I'm quite pleased that we do have the capacity to produce that much food these plants are then pollinated and allowed to mature and produce seed it produces a third of the nation's oil farmers must produce a good deal more than they themselves need flowers produce pollen or nectar throughout the day a well-sited vineyard producing excellent wines acid rain forms when gases produced by burning coal and oil are dissolved in the atmosphere the amount of fuel needed to produce electricity from nuclear sources is minimal belleza during the 3 month trial these 6 cows produced 204 kilos of milk friction produces heat melatonin is produced by the brain's pineal gland it produces 200 watts the sun produces light and heat burning oil produces carbon dioxide this investment would produce a bigger return our aim is to produce a return for our shareholders organizations exist to produce profit or return on investment at least this investment can be expected to produce a return
2 (manufacture) [+cars, weapons, drugs] fabricar; producir
factories producing domestic electrical goods almost all the cars being produced in Brazil are gasoline-powered an anti-AIDS drug produced by France's Rhone Poulenc the company produced circuitry for communications systems we don't need to keep producing more and more nuclear weapons
3 (create) [+novel] escribir; [+magazine] publicar; [+musical work] componer
she has produced consistently good work at school su trabajo escolar siempre ha sido bueno; he is the most creative novelist this century has produced es el novelista más creativo que nos ha dado este siglo; with this symphony he has produced a masterpiece ha compuesto una obra maestra con esta sinfonía
their glassware is all produced by hand the band produces a great sound these artists produce works of great beauty she produces three novels a year these magazines are produced by the same firm he produced a masterpiece
4 (give birth to) [+offspring] [+animal] parir; [+woman] tener; dar a luz a; [+parents] tener
she produces two litters of young a year parents are responsible for the offspring they produce you have a good chance of continuing your pregnancy and producing a healthy baby
5 (bring out, supply) [+gift, handkerchief, gun] sacar; [+ticket, documents, evidence, proof] presentar; [+argument] dar; presentar; [+witness] nombrar; [+meal] preparar
when challenged he produced a knife cuando se le paró sacó una navaja
he seemed to produce it out of thin air I can't produce £100 just like that! he produced a sudden burst of energy she produced the knife during arguments with her friends he produced a bottle of scotch from the cupboard you may be asked to produce your ticket to hire a car you must produce a passport and a current driving licence he produced his passport they could produce no evidence to support theier allegation you will need to produce proof of expenditure, so keep receipts they challenged him to produce evidence to support his allegations.. he produces no evidence for his belief she wouldn't believe him until he had produced photographic proof the officers could produce no proof of his speed scientists have produced powerful arguments against his ideas he produces no rational arguments to support his claim he could produce no witnesses I am always ready to produce a meal in emergencies the meal was a great help, hurriedly produced by Robina, mostly out of tins
6 (Cine) (Teat) [+film, play, show] producir; (TV) (Rad) realizar; (Publishing) [+magazine] publicar; (Mús) [+record] producir
a well produced play the girls and boys write and produce their own plays he produced "A Chorus Line", Broadway's longest running show the film was directed, written and produced by Mel Brookes a Channel 4 documentary produced by Beatrix Campbell he produces TV commercials for a living the series is produced by Laura Ziegler these magazines are produced by the same firm he has produced his own sports magazine called Yes Sport a pamphlet produced by the Womens' Health Information Centre both of Exene's records have been produced by Tony Gilkyson a handsome book, well produced and illustrated the book is well produced, with period illustrations
7 (cause) [+symptoms] producir; causar; [+response] provocar; producir
it produced a sensation of drowsiness producía or causaba una sensación de somnolencia; the photographer used a special lens to produce that effect el fotógrafo usó una lente especial para producir ese efecto; by combining the two kinds of paint you can produce some interesting effects combinando las dos clases de pintura puedes conseguir efectos interesantes; you may find that just threatening this course of action will produce the desired effect puedes encontrarte con que amenazar este procedimiento producirá el efecto deseado
her stern expression produced the desired effect, and the child stopped misbehaving a sharp slap should produce the desired effect
she is optimistic that his visit could produce results piensa que su visita podría surtir efecto
the car screeched to a halt, producing a cloud of dust almost any nutrient deficiency can produce the symptoms of fatigue dust mites thrive in the dry conditions produced by central heating the tidal forces produced by the sun and the moon terrorism is a phenomenon produced by our post-war society his comments produced an angry response her proposal produced shrieks of protest only 5% of diets produce long-term results the drug is known to produce side-effects in women it produces the impression that you are not sure of yourself behaving that way is sure to produce a negative impression it could produce a distorted impression of the judicial process addictive behaviours produce pleasure in the short term
8 (Geom) [+line, plane] prolongar
intransitive verb
1 [+mine, oil well, factory] producir; [+land, tree] dar fruto(s); [+cow] dar leche; [+person] rendir
the factory produces for export only erosion is so bad that the land can no longer produce if you don't produce you don't get paid I feel like I shouldn't be drawing a salary until I'm producing again
2 (Teat) (Cine) producir; (TV) (Rad) realizar
he used to direct, but now he produces as well
(Agr) productos (m) agrícolas; productos (m) del campo
we eat mostly our own produce meals are prepared from fresh produce in season they sold their produce at the local market the hotel uses only local produce in its restaurant British produce came under pressure from foreign competition winter produce will cost more for the next few weeks
produce of Turkey producto (m) de Turquía
produce of more than one country producto (m) elaborado en varios países
produce counter (n) (US) mostrador (m) de verdura
Mary Ann strode to the produce counter at the fresh produce counter she snapped up a 5kg bag of potatoes
produce store (n) (US) verdulería (f)
some of the vegetables she picked up from a specialty produce store William Anton, a produce store owner in Baltimore
Verb Conjugations for producir
Gerund: produciendo
Participle: producido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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