1. (unit of measurement) 
a. la libra (F) 
According to the fisherman, the trout weighed eight pounds.Según el pescador, la trucha pesaba ocho libras.
2. (currency) 
Could you bring me some pounds sterling from the United Kingdom?¿Puedes traerme algunas libras esterlinas del Reino Unido?
b. la libra (F) 
This bag is so cheap! Oh wait, the price is in pounds.¡Esta bolsa está muy barata! Espera, el precio está en libras.
3. (public enclosure) 
a. la perrera (F) (for dogs) 
We are going to the pound this weekend to adopt a dog.Este fin de semana vamos a la perrera a adoptar un perro.
b. el depósito de coches (M) (for cars) 
The tow truck took my car to the pound.La grúa se llevó mi coche al depósito de coches.
4. (# symbol) (United States) 
When you finish, please press pound.Cuando finalice, pulse la tecla de número.
b. la almohadilla (F) (Spain) 
I can't find the pound sign on this keyboard.No encuentro la tecla de almohadilla en este teclado.
c. el numeral (M) (River Plate) 
Did you press pound after entering the number?¿Presionó numeral después de introducir el número?
transitive verb
5. (culinary) 
a. machacar (herbs or spices) 
Would you mind pounding the pepper while I fry the meat?¿Te importaría machacar la pimienta mientras yo frío la carne?
b. majar (garlic) 
You have to pound the garlic with some olive oil to make this sauce.Tienes que majar el ajo con aceite de oliva para hacer esta salsa.
c. trabajar (dough) 
The secret to getting perfect pizza dough is to pound all the ingredients well.El secreto para conseguir una masa de pizza perfecta es trabajar bien todos los ingredientes.
6. (to strike) 
a. aporrear 
My neighbor doesn't play the piano; he pounds it.Mi vecino no toca el piano; lo aporrea.
b. golpear 
My grandmother is a bit deaf, so I have to pound the door every time I visit her.Mi abuela está un poco sorda, así que tengo que golpear la puerta siempre que la visito.
c. batir (waves) 
The day was windy and the waves were pounding the harbor breakwater.Hacía viento y las olas batían contra el dique del puerto.
7. (military) 
The bombs pounded the enemy base.Las bombas cayeron sobre la base enemiga a escombros.
intransitive verb
8. (to strike) 
a. golpear 
Someone is pounding on the door; I bet the kids forgot their keys when they left.Alguien está golpeando la puerta; apuesto a que los niños olvidaron las llaves cuando se marcharon.
9. (to beat) 
a. palpitar 
My head is pounding. I should take an aspirin before it gets worse.Me palpita la cabeza. Debería tomarme una aspirina antes de que vaya a peor.
b. latir 
I was sure my heart was pounding audibly.Estaba segura de que se oía latir mi corazón.
10. (to resound) 
a. retumbar 
We could hear the festival music pounding from the house.Escuchábamos la música del festival retumbar desde la casa.
transitive verb
1. (crush) 
a. machacar 
2. (with artillery) 
a. atacar 
to pound something to piecesdestrozar algo a golpes
to pound somebody into submissionsometer a alguien por la fuerza
intransitive verb
3. (drum) 
a. redoblar 
4. (heart) 
a. latir, palpitar 
to pound at or on somethingaporrear algo
my head is poundingtengo la cabeza a punto de estallar
pound [paʊnd]
transitive verb
1 (strike) (with fists) [+door, table] aporrear; golpear
he pounded the table with his fist aporreó or golpeó la mesa con el puño
to pound sb with one's fists
to pound one's fists against sth golpear algo con los puños; to pound sth to pieces (with one's fists) destrozar algo (a puñetazos or con los puños)
workmen were pounding the pavement to pieces the hooves pounded his flesh to jelly
(with hammer) martillear; (with other instrument) golpear
the judge pounded his desk with his wooden hammer
he pounded the stake into the ground with a rock clavó la estaca en la tierra golpeándola con una piedra; to pound sth to pieces (with a hammer) destrozar algo (a martillazos)
he used a wooden mallet to pound the tent stake into the ground to pound sth/sb into a [pulp]
they pounded him into a pulp with their sticks lo molieron a palos
[+sea, waves] azotar; batir contra
the waves pounded the boat to pieces las olas batieron contra el bote hasta destrozarlo
the waves were pounding the shore heavy seas are continuing to pound the coastline the ship was pounded by huge waves
allied warplanes continued to pound enemy troops
day after day long-range artillery pounded the city día tras día fuego de artillería de largo alcance cayó sobre la ciudad causando estragos
as they talked the bombs continued to pound the centre of the town Vukovar was pounded by artillery fire Yugoslav artillery batteries have continued their heavy bombardment, pounding a number of towns in Bosnia as allied bombers continued pounding targets in and around Baghdad
the bombs pounded the city to rubble las bombas redujeron la ciudad a escombros
Artillery and mortars are the weapons of choice on this battlefield, pounding towns into rubble
2 (Cookery) [+herbs, spices] machacar; [+garlic, mixture] machacar; majar; [+meat] golpear; [+dough] trabajar
in a mortar, pound together the garlic cloves with the basil pound herbs, salt, shallot and chilli in a mortar /pound the mixture to a paste/ with the cumin and the saffron she paused as she pounded the maize grains wooden mallets were used to pound the meat he was pounding the dough vigorously pound the garlic and oil (down) [to] a paste
3 (thump) [+piano, typewriter] aporrear
I know he used to pound the piano as hard as he could just to hear the sound he was pounding the typewriter all evening
to pound the beat rondar las calles (como policía)
he's been pounding the beat for 20 years if you don't do as you're told you could end up pounding the beat in Chiswick High Street after 30 years pounding the beat he finally retired he is expected to pound the beat and do what he is told these two years in which he is expected to pound the beat, explore human nature and do what he is told
to pound the pavement(s) (US) patear las calles (informal)
I had to pound the pavements of New York trying to make it in the big time you see people pounding the pavements downtown because that is where the homeless and the destitute congregate
intransitive verb
1 (throb, pulsate) [+head] estar a punto de estallar; [+heart] palpitar
the music was so loud his head was pounding I'm sweating, my heart is pounding, I can't breathe
[+music] retumbar
my heart began to pound I could hear heavy rock music pounding in the background
the blood pounded in his ears podía oír el pulso de la sangre en los oídos
he leaned back against the tree and the blood began to pound in his head
his heart pounded with fear/joy/excitement el corazón le palpitaba de miedo/de alegría/de emoción
2 (strike)
the pounding waves the waves pounded against the sides of the ship to pound [at] [on] sth door, typewriter, piano he was pounding furiously on the typewriter I could hear him pounding away at the piano
the sea pounded against or on the rocks el mar azotaba las rocas or batía contra las rocas; somebody began pounding at or on the door alguien empezó a aporrear la puerta; we listened to the rain pounding on the roof oíamos la lluvia cayendo con fuerza sobre el tejado
she pounded away on the piano as she practised her scales a roomful of secretaries all pounding away on their typewriters
3 (move heavily)
the rhino came pounding [after] him
he was pounding along the road corría con paso pesado or pesadamente por la carretera
we pounded along, getting more and more out of breath
to pound up/down the stairs subir/bajar las escaleras con paso pesado or pesadamente
he could hear the sound of footsteps pounding down the stairs they reached the stairs and pounded up them as if they were children again
the train pounded past el tren pasó retumbando
pound [paʊnd]
1 (weight) libra (f) = 453,6gr; (= 453,6gr)
half a pound media libra; two dollars a pound dos dólares la libra; they sell it by the pound lo venden por libras
to demand one's pound of flesh exigir todo lo que le corresponde a uno
note See culture box in entry imperial.
2 (money) libra (f)
one pound sterling una libra esterlina; the pound (Economics) la libra esterlina
The pound is expected to contnue to increase against other currencies
pound coin (n) moneda (f) de una libra
pound note (n) billete (m) de una libra
pound [paʊnd]
(enclosure) (for dogs) perrera (f)
her constant companion was a dog whom she had saved from a pound
(for cars) depósito (m) de coches
your car will be taken off to the pound if you leave it there redeeming your car from the pound can be expensive
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