Porque in English | Spanish to English Translation
1. (indicating cause)
a. because
Mi hermano está triste porque no ganó el concurso.My brother is upset because he did not win the contest.
2. (indicating a result)
a. that
Reza porque tu mamá no se entere.Pray that your mother doesn't find out.
b. so that
Porque podamos ir de viaje, tenemos que sacar nuestros pasaportes.So that we can go on a trip, we need to get our passports.
1. because (debido a que)
  • ¡porque sí/no! just because!
  • lo hice porque sí I did it because I felt like it
  • ¡porque lo digas tú! says who?
  • lo vais a hacer porque lo digo yo you are going to do it because I say so
  • porque haga mal tiempo no vamos a quedarnos en casa we're not going to stay at home just because the weather's bad
2. so that, in order that (para que)
  • reza porque no nos descubran pray that they don't find us out
1 (por causa de que) because
no pudo ir porque estaba enferma she couldn't go because she was ill; ¿por qué no contestas? —porque no me da la gana "why don't you answer?" — "because I don't feel like it"; —¿por qué te vas? —porque sí "why are you going?" — "just because"; —¿por qué no puedo ir? —porque no "why can't I go?" — "just because"
2 (para que) so that; in order that
elevó la voz porque todos pudieran oírlo he raised his voice so that everyone could hear him o in order that everyone might hear him; recemos porque vuelvan let us pray that they may return
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