porque me gusta

porque me gusta
1. (it's to my taste) 
Me he comprado el sombrero rojo porque me gusta, y no porque fuera el más barato.I've bought the red hat because I like it, and not because it was the cheapest.
Si engordo es porque me gusta el dulce.If I put on weight it's because I like sweets.
2. (because I'm attracted to him or her; third person singular) 
Voy a pedirle a Jorge que salga conmigo porque me gusta.I'm going to ask Jorge out because I like him.
Me sonrojo siempre que ella se acerca porque me gusta.I blush every time she comes close because I like her.
Ana cree que me hice amiga de ella porque me gusta su hermano, pero no es así.Ana thinks I became friends with her because I like her brother, but that's not the case.
3. (formal) (because I'm attracted to you; second person singular) 
La verdad es que no lo invité a cenar para hablar del proyecto, sino porque me gusta.The truth is, I didn't take you out for dinner to talk about the project, but because I like you.
4. (because I enjoy) 
Suelo pasar mis vacaciones en la costa porque me gusta nadar en el mar.I usually spend my vacation at the seaside because I like swimming in the sea.
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