feminine noun
1. silver (metal)
  • hablar en plata (informal) -> to speak bluntly
  • plata de ley -> sterling silver
  • plata maciza -> solid silver
2. silverware (objetos de plata)
3. money (dinero) (Am)

plata [plah'-tah]
1. Silver (metal). (f)
2. Plate, wrought silver. (f)
3. money (dinero). (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
4. Plate; white. (Heraldy) (m)
  • Plata virgen or bruta -> crude mass of silver
  • Plata labrada -> (a) wrought silver; (b) payment made in articles equivalent to money
  • Valer tanto como la plata -> to be worth its weight in gold
  • En plata -> briefly, without turnings or windings

1 (metal) silver; (vajilla) silverware; (Economía) silver
como una plata bright as a pin
hablar en plata to speak bluntly; speak frankly
2 especialmente (Latinoamérica) (dinero) money; (riqueza) wealth
podrido en plata stinking rich (familiar); rolling in it (familiar)
La Plata (río) the (River) Plate

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