feminine noun
1. painting (técnica, cuadro)
  • la pintura renacentista -> Renaissance painting
  • no poder ver a alguien ni en pintura (figurative) -> not to be able to stand the sight of somebody
  • pintura a la acuarela -> watercolor
  • pintura al fresco -> fresco
  • pintura mural -> mural painting
  • pintura al óleo -> oil painting
  • pintura rupestre -> cave painting
2. paint (materia líquida)
  • pintura plástica -> emulsion (paint)
3. color(ed) pencil (lápiz) ; crayon (de cera)

pintura [pin-too’-rah]
1. Painting, the art of representing objects by delineation and colors. (f)
2. Picture, painting, a painted resemblance. (f)
  • Pintura al templ -> size painting
3. Forming letters with the pen. (f)
4. Picture, written description of anything. (Metaphorical) (f)
  • Pintura embutida -> painting in mosaic, etc. 5. Paint (material)

1 (forma artística, cuadro) painting
no lo podía ver ni en pintura she couldn't stand the sight of him
pintura a la acuarela pintura a la aguada watercolour; watercolor; (EEUU)
pintura al óleo oil painting
pintura al pastel pastel drawing
pintura rupestre cave painting
2 (descripción) depiction
3 (material) paint
pintura a la cola pintura al temple (para paredes) distemper; (para cuadros) tempera
pintura emulsionada emulsion; emulsion paint
4 (lápiz de color) crayon
pintura de cera wax crayon

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