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masculine noun
1. skeleton (de persona)
  • menear o mover el esqueleto (informal) -> to boogie (on down)
  • estar como un esqueleto -> to be skin and bone
2. framework (armazón); outline (de novela, argumento)

esqueleto [es-kay-lay’-to]
1. Skeleton, the bones of the body preserved in their natural situation. (m)
2. Person very thin and meager. (m)
3. Watch, the works and movements of which are exposed to view. (m)
4. Carcass or framework of a ship without cover or sheathing. (Nautical) (m)
  • En esqueleto -> unfinished, in an incomplete manner
  • Menear el esqueleto -> to shake a hoof
  • Estar hecho un esqueleto -> to be like a skeleton

1 (Anatomía) skeleton
menear o mover el esqueleto to strut one's stuff (familiar); dance
to shake it about
tumbar el esqueleto to hit the hay (familiar); hit the sack (familiar); go to bed
2 (estructura) (gen) skeleton; (de asunto) bare bones
; (p)
[de edificio] framework; [de conferencia, novela] framework; structure
en esqueleto unfinished; incomplete
3 (Chile) (Literat) (borrador) rough draft; outline
4 (And) (Centroamérica) (México) (formulario) form

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