Pancake in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. (culinary)
a. el panqueque (M)
Have you ever tried pancakes with dulce de leche? ¿Has probado panqueques con dulce de leche?
b. la tortita (F)
I like pancakes with chocolate for breakfast.Me gusta desayunar tortitas con chocolate.
c. el hotcakes (M) (Mexico)
I'm craving hotcakes this morning. Se me antojan hotcakes esta mañana.
d. el panqué (M) (Central America) (Colombia)
May I have another pancake?¿Me da otro panqué?
e. la panqueca (F) (Venezuela)
You have to order the pancakes with whipped cream. Hay que pedir las panquecas con crema batida.
1. crepe (f) torta (f)
  • pancake Day or Tuesday Martes m inv de Carnaval
pancake [ˈpænkeɪk]
tortita (f); panqueque (m); (LAm)
Pancake Day (n) (Britain) martes (m) de carnaval
pancake landing (n) (Aer) aterrizaje (m) de panza
pancake roll (n) (Britain) rollito (m) de primavera
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