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masculine noun
1. pride (actitud negativa, amor propio)
  • no aguanto su orgullo I can't bear his haughtiness o arrogance
2. pride (satisfacción)
  • es el orgullo de la familia he's the pride of the family
  • me llena de orgullo poder inaugurar este centro it fills me with pride o I am very proud to be able to open this center
  • tuve el orgullo de conocerlo I'm proud to say I knew him
  • no caber en sí de orgullo to be bursting with pride
1 (satisfacción) pride
eres el orgullo de la familia you're the pride of the family; me llena de orgullo ver crecer a mis hijos it makes me really proud to see my children growing up
2 (altanería) pride
su orgullo le costará caro his pride will cost him dear; su orgullo le impedía disculparse he was too proud to say sorry
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