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linda is the feminine form of lindo.
1. (beautiful)
a. pretty
¡Qué vestido más lindo!What a pretty dress!
b. cute
Tienes un perro lindo.You have a cute dog.
c. lovely
Me compró una flores lindas.He bought me some lovely flowers.
2. (pleasant)
a. lovely
Pasamos un lindo día en el parque.We spent a lovely day in the park.
b. nice
¿Pasaron un lindo día con sus amigos?Did you have a nice day with your friends?
3. (in a pleasing way) (Latin America)
a. well
Nuestro equipo de jazz baila lindo.Our jazz team dances well.
b. nicely
Tu hermana canta muy lindo.Your sister sings very nicely.
lindo, -a
1. pretty, lovely (especially Am)
  • de lo lindo, -a (informal) a great deal
2. very well, beautifully (Am)
especialmente (Latinoamérica)
1 (bonito) nice; lovely; pretty
un lindo coche a nice car; a fine car
2 fine; pretty
3 (excelente) fine; excellent; first-rate
un lindo partido a first-rate game; un lindo concierto a good concert
de lo lindo a lot; a great deal
jugaron de lo lindo they played fantastically; they played a first-rate game
(Latinoamérica) nicely; well
baila lindo she dances beautifully
(Hist) fop
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