1. (opening through which gas or liquid escapes) 
a. el agujero (M) (in a container) 
The bucket is empty because it has a leak.El cubo está vacío porque tiene un agujero.
b. el escape (M) 
They discovered a leak in the bathroom.Descubrieron un escape en el baño.
c. la fuga (F) 
The gas oven in the kitchen has a leak.El horno de gas en la cocina tiene una fuga.
d. la gotera (F) (in a roof) 
The leak in the roof keeps spreading.La gotera en el techo sigue creciendo.
e. la rotura (F) (in a boat) 
The leak caused their canoe to sink.La rotura hizo que su canoa se hundiera.
2. (source of information) 
They found out through a leak in the agency.Se enteraron por una filtración en la agencia.
intransitive verb
3. (to secrete) 
a. gotear 
The cup was leaking so he threw it away.La copa estaba goteando así que lo tiró.
transitive verb
4. (to secrete fluid) 
a. chorrear 
The pitcher is leaking juice all over the place.La jarra está chorreando jugo por todas partes.
b. perder 
The boat is leaking water quickly.El bote está perdiendo agua rápidamente.
5. (to intentionally disclose) 
a. filtrar 
The employee was fired for leaking confidential information.El empleado fue despedido por filtrar información confidencial.
1. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
have a leakechar una meadita
2. (of liquid, gas) 
a. el fuga f, escape (M) 
3. (of information) 
a. la filtración (F) 
transitive verb
4. (liquid, gas) 
a. tener una fuga or un escape de 
5. (information) 
a. filtrar 
intransitive verb
6. (pipe) 
a. tener una fuga or un escape 
7. (roof) 
a. tener goteras 
8. (shoe) 
a. calar 
9. (ship) 
a. hacer agua 
this bucket's leakingeste cubo pierde
10. (liquid, gas) 
a. salirse, escaparse 
11. (information) 
a. filtrarse 
leak [liːk]
1 (hole) (in roof) gotera (f); (in pipe, radiator, tank) rotura (f); (in boat) vía (f) de agua
there's a leak in the roof a leak in the radiator the pipe's got a leak
in May engineers found a leak in a hydrogen fuel line Workers were dispatched to repair the leak
2 (escape) [of gas, water, chemical] escape (m); fuga (f)
a gas leak It's thought a gas leak may have caused the blast never look for a gas leak with a naked flame a large leak of [radioactivity] at Windscale
3 [of information, document] filtración (f)
the leak caused deep embarrassment for the Government Several papers give prominence to the leak of a confidential document concerning the policy the leak of a confidential document There will be a formal inquiry into the leak of the memorandum More serious leaks, possibly involving national security, are likely to be investigated by the police
to go for or have or take a leak echar una meada (very_informal); mear (very_informal)
Anyway I need a leak I must have a leak
intransitive verb
1 (be leaky) [+roof] tener goteras; [+pipe, radiator, tank] gotear; tener una fuga; [+boat] hacer agua; [+pen] perder tinta
...faulty, leaking drainpipes Do you remember the way the [boat] leaked?... the roof leaks
her shoes leaked le entraba agua en or por los zapatos; the window is leaking a bit entra un poco de agua por la ventana; my pen has leaked onto my shirt me ha caído tinta del bolígrafo en la camisa
2 (escape)
gas is still leaking water is still leaking oil had leaked from an underground fuel tank
radioactive gas was leaking from a reactor había un escape or fuga de gas radiactivo en un reactor
millions of gallons of crude oil leaked from the tanker when it struck a reef radioactive gas appears to be leaking from a nuclear waste dump a lot of blood leaked from my cuts through the bandaging a quantity of diesel oil leaked [into] the river The report said that large quantities of gasoline and lesser amounts of other gases had leaked into the sewer system Aviation fuel leaked onto the runway
water was leaking through the roof entraba agua por el tejado; goteaba agua del tejado
transitive verb
1 [+liquid] (discharge) perder; (pour out) derramar
the car was leaking brake fluid the tanker is leaking large amounts of fuel the ship began leaking oil from holes in the bow and stern
a tanker has leaked oil into the Baltic Sea un petrolero ha derramado petróleo al mar Báltico; it is feared that these weapons could leak plutonium se teme que se produzca un escape de plutonio de estas armas
2 [+information, document] filtrar;to a
a civil servant leaked information about a delivery of cruise missiles to RAF Greenham Common
his letter was leaked to the press su carta se filtró a la prensa
Last year, a civil servant was imprisoned for leaking a document to the press He made sure the [story] was leaked to the media. He revealed who leaked a confidential police report A memo leaked to the Labour Party revealed that...
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