1. (funny remark) 
a. el broma f, chiste (M) 
2. (funny story) 
a. chiste 
3. (prank, trick) 
a. broma 
to tell or crack a jokecontar un chiste
to make a joke about somethinghacer una broma or bromear sobre algo
to make a joke of somethingpretender que algo era en broma
to say/do something for a jokedecir/hacer algo en or de broma
to play a joke on somebodygastar una broma a alguien
the joke was on him when he had to…la broma le salió rana cuando tuvo que…
she can't take a jokeno sabe aguantar una broma
that's or it's no joke!¡no es cosa de broma!
it's getting beyond a jokeesto ya pasa de castaño oscuro
4. (colloquial) 
to be a jokeser un/una inútil, no valer
intransitive verb
5. (general) 
a. bromear 
to joke about somethingbromear acerca de algo
to joke with somebodybromear con alguien
I'm not joking(hablo) en serio
I was only jokingestaba de broma
you're joking!, you must be joking!¡no hablarás en serio!
joking apart…bromas aparte…, fuera de broma…
joke [dʒəʊk]
(witticism, story) chiste (m); (practical joke) broma (f); (hoax) broma (f); (person) hazmerreír (m)
what sort of a joke is this? ¿qué clase de broma es esta?; the joke is that ... lo gracioso es que ...
to take sth as a joke tomar algo a broma
to treat sth as a joke tomar algo a broma
it's (gone) beyond a joke (Britain) esto no tiene nada de gracioso
to crack a joke hacer un chiste
to crack jokes with sb contarse chistes con algn; they spent an evening cracking jokes together pasaron una tarde contándose chistes
for a joke en broma
one can have a joke with her tiene mucho sentido del humor
is that your idea of a joke? ¿es que eso tiene gracia?
he will have his little joke siempre está con sus bromas
to make a joke hacer un chiste;about sth sobre algo
he made a joke of the disaster se tomó el desastre a risa
it's no joke no tiene nada de divertido
two hours on a bus is no joke a 50-hour working week is no joke
it's no joke having to go out in this weather no tiene nada de divertido salir con este tiempo
the joke is on you la broma la pagas
to play a joke on sb gastar una broma a algn
I don't see the joke no le veo la gracia
verbal or practical
he's a standing joke es un pobre hombre
it's a standing joke here aquí eso siempre provoca risa
I can take a joke tengo mucha correa or mucho aguante
he can't take a joke no le gusta que le tomen el pelo
to tell a joke contar un chiste;about sth sobre algo
why do you have to turn everything into a joke? ¿eres incapaz de tomar nada en serio?
what a joke! ¡qué gracia! (ironic)
intransitive verb
(make jokes) contar chistes; hacer chistes; (be frivolous) bromear
to joke about sth/sb
to joke about sth (make jokes about) contar chistes sobre algo; (make light of) tomarse algo a risa; I was only joking lo dije en broma; no iba en serio; I'm not joking hablo en serio
you're joking! you must be joking! ¡no lo dices en serio!
joke book (n) libro (m) de chistes
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