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1. caballo (m) (animal, gym apparatus)
  • horse chestnut castaño (m) de Indias (tree)
  • horse racing carreras (f pl) de caballos
  • I like horse riding me gusta montar or andar a caballo (RP)
  • horse trading (sentido figurado) negociaciones (f pl) entre bastidores
2. (idioms)
  • to eat like a horse comer muchísimo or como una lima (español de España)
  • to get up on one's high horse darse ínfulas
  • to hear something from the horse's mouth haber oído algo de boca del propio interesado
horse [hɔːs]
1 (Zool) caballo (m)
dark horse incógnita (f)
it's a case of horses for courses (Britain) en cada caso es distinto; a cada cual lo suyo
to change horses in midstream cambiar de política (or personal etc) a mitad de camino
a horse of a different colour harina (f) de otro costal
to eat like a horse comer como una vaca (informal)
to flog a dead horse machacar en hierro frío
to get on one's high horse ponerse a pontificar
don't look a gift horse in the mouth a caballo regalado, no le mires el diente
hold your horses! ¡para el carro!; ¡despacito!
to be straight from the horse's mouth ser de buena tinta
2 (in gymnastics) potro (m)
3 (carpenter's) caballete (m)
4 (cavalry) caballería (f)
5 (heroin) caballo (very_informal) (m); heroína (f)
horse artillery (n) artillería (f) montada
horse brass (n) jaez (m)
horse breaker (n) domadoradomadora (m) (f) de caballos;a domadora
horse breeder (n) criadoracriadora (m) (f) de caballos;a criadora
horse chestnut (n) (Bot) (tree) castaño (m) de Indias; (fruit) castaña (f) de Indias
horse collar (n) collera (f)
horse dealer (n) chalán (m)
horse doctor (n) veterinarioaveterinaria (m) (f);a veterinaria
Horse Guards (n) (Britain) Guardia (f) Montada
horse laugh (n) risotada (f); carcajada (f)
horse mackerel (n) jurel (m)
horse manure (n) abono (m) de caballo
horse meat (n) (Cookery) carne (f) de caballo
horse opera (n) (US) película (f) del Oeste
horse race (n) carrera (f) de caballos
horse racing (n) (gen) carreras (f) de caballos; (as sport) hípica (f)
horse riding (n) (Britain) equitación (f)
horse sense (n) sentido (m) común
horse show (n) concurso (m) hípico
horse trader (n) (Pol) chalánanachalana (m) (f);ana chalana
horse trading (n) (Pol) toma y daca (m); chalaneo (m)
horse trailer (n) (US) remolque (m) para caballerías
horse trials (n) concurso (m) hípico
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