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Looking for the adjective far instead?
usage note
This word may also be spelled “farther.”
further farther
, [ˈfɑːðə(r)] (comparative of far)
1. más lejos
  • I can go no further fartherno puedo seguir
  • this mustn't go any further fartheresto no debe salir de aquí(don't tell anyone else)
  • I didn't question him any further fartherno le pregunté más
  • to go no further farther into the matterno profundizar más en el asunto
  • by being careful he made his money go further farthersiendo cuidadoso pudo sacar más partido a su dinero
  • that doesn't get us much further farthereso no nos ayuda mucho
  • further farther backmás atrás;(in space) antes(in time)
2. además (Formal) (moreover)
  • further farther to your recent letter…en respuesta a su última carta…
3. más alejado(a) (more distant)
4. nuevo(a), adicional (additional)
  • upon further farther considerationtras considerarlo de nuevo
  • until further farther noticehasta nuevo aviso
  • without further farther warningsin más aviso
  • further farther education formación (f) continua(británico), = enseñanza no universitaria para adultos
transitive verb
5. promover
further [ˈfɜːðəʳ]
2 (in distance)
how much further is it? ¿cuánto camino nos queda?; have you much further to go? ¿le queda mucho camino por hacer?; let's go further north/south vayamos más al norte/sur
his car was parked further along su coche estaba aparcado un poco más arriba/abajo
a crowd was gathering further along the street se estaba congregando una multitud de gente calle arriba/abajo
we were too tired to go any further that day estábamos demasiado cansados para continuar ese día
the convoys can't go any further until the bridge is repaired They set up a road block and would not let me go any further the weather was so bad that we were unable to go any further
move it further away apártalo un poco más
we live further away from the city centre vivimos más lejos del centro de la ciudad
further back más atrás
I think it's further down the road creo que está bajando un poco más la calle
I was visiting a friend further down the street estaba visitando a un amigo que vive bajando un poco la calle; I don't think we want to go any further down that road no creo que sea prudente seguir por ese camino
I need to be a bit further forward tengo que ponerme un poco más para delante
nothing was further from my thoughts nada más lejos de mi intención
I sank even further in me hundí aún más
I couldn't get the screw any further in
further on más adelante
he came to a halt 50 yards further on
the track ended a mile further on el camino terminaba una milla más adelante
a hundred yards further on the woods came to an end
the boat drifted further out to sea la barca iba siendo arrastrada mar adentro
further to the south más al sur
we decided to go further up the track decidimos seguir avanzando por el camino
3 (in time)
let's look a little further ahead miremos un poco más adelante
I never plan anything further than a week ahead nunca planeo nada con más de una semana de antelación
there is evidence of this even further back in history incluso más antiguamente se ven evidencias de esto
records go no further back than 1960 los archivos solo se remontan a 1960
Jericho's history stretches much further back than Old Testament times the history of this practice goes much further back
4 (in progress)
you'll get further with her if you're polite conseguirás más si se lo pides educadamente
if they refuse to ooperate, we won't get much further In the end, Major got no further with Mitterrand than Thatcher
I got no further with him (in questioning) no pude sacarle nada más
I could see I was not going to get any further with him The Bill was given a formal first reading, but got no further we're unlikely to get much further if he won't cooperate
we need to go further and address the issues tenemos que ir más allá y proponer soluciones a los problemas
he went further, claiming the man had attacked him no se quedó ahí, sino que aseguró que el hombre lo había atacado; this mustn't go any further [+confidential matter] esto que no pase de aquí; to go further into a matter estudiar una cosa más a fondo
further on in this chapter más adelante en este capítulo
I think we should take this matter further creo que deberíamos proseguir con este asunto
they couldn't develop the technique much further
5 (more) más
they questioned us further nos hicieron más preguntas; this will further damage the country's image esto va a perjudicar más la imagen del país; I heard nothing further from them no supe más de ellos; don't trouble yourself any further no se moleste más
without troubling any further I won't call you, unless I hear any further they could do nothing further for him economic policies have further depressed living standards
6 (in addition) además
and I further believe that ... y creo además que ...
7 (Comm) (in correspondence)
further to your letter of the 7th con or en relación a su carta del 7
(compar) (additional) más
I have no further comment to make no tengo nada más que añadir
after further consideration tras considerarlo más detenidamente
without further delay sin más demora
please send me further details of your products le ruego me envíen más información con respecto a sus productos
we have no further need of your services ya no necesitamos sus servicios
until further notice hasta nuevo aviso
he was detained for further questioning lo retuvieron para someterle a un nuevo interrogatorio
recommendations for further reading sugerencias de lecturas complementarias or adicionales
I have no further questions the case was referred for further inquiry I'm awaiting further details his speech provides further evidence of his approach there are one or two further points I want to make police think there will be further attacks
transitive verb
(promote) [+cause, aim, understanding, career] promover; fomentar
A man who uses his family - wife and children - to further his political career should not complain when the media points out that he has a mistress She has provided the supportive home Mr Mellor needs to survive in the harsh world of politics and has done her utmost to further his career My agent says it's money well spent if it furthers my career Sydney knew that keeping on the right side of the aristocracy was vital if he was to further his clerical career It is said that the quickest way to further your career is `Find out what your boss wants and give him lots of it" I would love the opportunity to further my career and my education by playing at least one season in English county cricket," says Inzamam
she was accused of furthering her own interests la acusaron de actuar en beneficio de sus propios intereses
he was jailed on charges of furthering the nationalist cause the Comintern was strictly a means for furthering world revolution he was only interested in them to the extent that they furthered his aims Britain's role in furthering Saddam's ambitions was well known among secret services he has shown a willingness to sacrifice civilian lives and property that further his war aims one of the central questions within the black community was whether simple representation will be enough to protect or further the interests of black Americans their aim is to further peoples' understanding of third world development education is not just about furthering your career
further education (n) (Britain) (vocational, non-academic etc) formación (f) continua; educación (f) postescolar
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