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1. (familiar)
2. metedura (f) or (mistake) (británico)metida (f) de pata (Am)
  • to make a boob meter la pata, segarla (español de México)
  • boobs tetas (f pl) (breasts)
  • boob tube = top ajustado sin mangas ni tirantes
3. (person)
    lelo(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) , bobalicón(ona) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (Estados Unidos)
  • boob tube caja (f) tonta (television)
intransitive verb
4. meter la pata (make mistake) (británico)
boob [buːb]
1 (Britain) (mistake) metedura (f) de pata (informal)
to make a boob meter la pata (informal)
2 (breast) teta (informal) (f)
intransitive verb
meter la pata (informal)
Is their timing right, or have they boobed again? Look, Tim, they probably boobed. We don't know
boob tube (n) (garment) camiseta-tubo (f); (US) (TV set) televisor (m)
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