1. (of person, dog) 
a. el mordisco (M) 
2. (of insect) 
a. la picadura (F) 
3. (of snake) 
a. la mordedura f, picadura (F) 
4. (mouthful) 
a. el bocado (M) 
he took a bite out of the appledio un bocado a la manzana
I haven't had a bite to eat all dayno he probado bocado en todo el día
5. (sharpness, fierceness; of speech, article) 
a. la chispa (F) 
this mustard has a bit of a biteesta mostaza está fuertecilla
transitive verb
6. (of person, dog) 
a. morder 
7. (of insect, snake) 
a. picar 
the dog bit him in the legel perro le mordió en la pierna
to bite one's nailsmorderse las uñas
8. (idioms) 
to bite one's tonguemorderse la lengua
9. (colloquial) 
to bite the bulletagarrar el toro por los cuernos or
10. (colloquial) 
to bite the dustirse a pique or al garete or
to bite the hand that feeds youmorder la mano que nos da de comer
11. (prov) 
once bitten twice shygato escaldado del agua fría huye el que se quemó con leche, ve una vaca y llora
intransitive verb
12. (person, dog) 
a. morder 
13. (insect, snake) 
a. picar 
to bite into somethingdar un mordisco a algo
14. (fig) 
the cost bit into our savingslos gastos supusieron una merma de nuestros ahorros
15. (fig) 
a. no direct translation (be felt; cuts) 
16. (colloquial) (United States) 
a. no direct translation (be bad) 
bite [baɪt] bit (past)bitten (participle:past)
1 (act) mordisco (m); (wound) [of dog, snake etc] mordedura (f); [of insect] picadura (f); (toothmark) dentellada (f)
to take a bite at morder; the dog took a bite at him el perro intentó morderlo; to take a bite out of [+apple etc] dar un mordisco a; especially (US) [+savings, budget] llevarse un pellizco de
He took a bite out of the apple and smacked his lips noisily
Local taxes are going to be taking a bigger bite out of people's income than they ever have before
he wants another or a second bite at the cherry quiere otra oportunidad; quiere probar otra vez
to put the bite on sb (US) hacer cerrar el pico a algn (informal)
2 [of food] bocado (m)
I've not had a bite to eat no he probado bocado; do you fancy a bite (to eat)? ¿te apetece algo (de comer)?; I'll get a bite (to eat) on the train tomaré algo en el tren
3 (Fishing)
are you getting any bites? ¿están picando?
4 (sharpness) mordacidad (f); [of food, drink] fuerza (f)
...the addition of tartaric acid to give the wine some bite
a novel with bite una novela mordaz; a speech with bite un discurso mordaz or incisivo; without any bite sin garra; there's a bite in the air hace un frío cortante
There was a bite in the air, soon it would snow
transitive verb
1 [+dog, person] morder; [+bird, fish, insect] picar
it won't bite (you)! ¡no te va a morder!; ¡no muerde!
Don't be afraid of the ball: it won't bite you! The trick is not to be frightened of your computer. Remember, computers don't bite
to bite sth in two partir algo en dos de un mordisco; to bite one's nails comerse or morderse las uñas; what's biting you? ¿qué mosca te ha picado? (informal); to get bitten (be cheated) dejarse timar
Many home-selling schemes are dodgy, to say the least; make sure you don't get bitten
to be bitten with the desire to do sth tener el gusanillo de hacer algo (informal)
to bite the bullet enfrentarse al toro
Tour operators may be forced to bite the bullet and cut prices
to bite the dust (die) morder el polvo; (fail) venirse abajo
it's the old story of biting the hand that feeds you ya sabes "cría cuervos (y te sacarán los ojos)"
to bite one's lip or tongue morderse la lengua
I must learn to bite my lip He bit his tongue as he found himself on the point of saying "follow that car"
once bitten twice shy el gato escaldado del agua fría huye
2 [+acid] corroer; (Mec) asir; trabar
intransitive verb
1 [+dog, person] morder; [+insect, fish] picar
to bite at tratar de morder
2 [+cuts, inflation etc] hacerse sentir
the strike is beginning to bite la huelga empieza a hacer mella
Verb Conjugations for morder
Gerund: mordiendo
Participle: mordido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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